I was lying down on an uncomfortable bed,
while a lady doctor was examining my bruises,
someone was whispering in my ear,
“It’s all going to be okay”
but, I knew
the pain between my legs,
blood gushing out of my vagina,
were a proof that
nothing will be ever okay.

I was scared.
I knew I had to speak up
I knew I had to make sure
that no other girl is a victim
to non-consensual sex,
to violence and abuse, domestic or not,
to being denied the right to pleasure.
But, I was scared.
What will the society say?

They said,
it’s your fault.
Why did you have to wear that short skirt
which makes you look like a slut?
And I believed it.
I believed that my favourite skirt
which makes me feel
confident and poised,
is the reason a man came inside me,
without my consent.

They said,
a girl should be modestly dressed,
because she is an object of desire
and the way I am clothed
decides who gets to use my body.
So the way I see it,
it’s not me, it is a piece of cloth,
which has a greater control over my body.

It is always our fault.
It is our clothes and not our words
which matter to those who dominate us.
And while, every cell in my body
wants to protest and shout at the top of my lungs
against patriarchy,
against non-consensual sex,
against violence;
All I can do right now
is whisper,
“Me Too.”

The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man



This year,
I want to shout;
shout my slogans
until I tire.
Tell the world,
they don’t decide
who I choose to be,
what I choose to be
and, how I choose to be;
not anymore.

This year,
I want to cheer;
cheer for the women
for what they are:
Smart, strong and so surreal.
Crossing the ocean of hate,
bringing themselves up
every time
they are pushed down.

This year,
I want to squeal;
squeal with happiness,
shameless and unfettered,
at a child’s innocence.
Reminding you and me
what a joy
this life can be.

This year,
I want to
shout, cheer, squeal,
This year,
I want to make myself heard.


Make A Wish

Make a wish.
Close your eyes, look into your soul.
And, make a wish.
Find you dreams, within yourself,
and make a wish.

Make a wish.
For your life depends on it.
Make it beautiful, make it yours.
For what you wish for,
echoes forever.

Make a wish.
Have a dream.
Get up, go out and give everything to it.
For through your dreams,
your charm, your wisdom, and your essence,
echoes forever.

– Nivedita
(Daily Prompt)

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