First post

Hi !
I’m Nivedita. I’m studying Eco (hons.) from Delhi University.

I believe, if a person enters Delhi university, his/her life changes forever. That doesn’t mean, you have to be in one of the north campus / top colleges to have a “filmy” style life.

When I first came to my college for my admissions, I was disappointed. I was expecting better marks and thus a better college. But since I couldn’t get admissions into a better one with my marks , I was forced to go to mine.
My first day was bizarre.
I couldn’t find any rooms, or any teachers or for that matter any senior from my course to guide me.

I made a few friends and when I finally found my room, our seniors came for introductions (which for them was “ragging”).

After that I came back home. I didn’t really feel like sitting there and pass my time.
When I reached home, I was really upset. Blame the KJo or Farah Khan movies, my expectations from college life was immense.
As days passed by, my sadness grew. Even though I made friends, I wasn’t feeling complete. I wasn’t really enjoying.
Everyday I came to college trying to find “the group”. And plus whichever societies I wanted to get through, didn’t have their auditions anytime soon. Everything was a fiasco.
My parents would say “You will find friends, just give it some time.”
Everything seemed wrong. This was nothing what I expected.

And then I found them. “My group”.
And then I gave my names for an upcoming society, and I’m now in it.
Everything feels amazing now.
We explore each and every part of Delhi almost everyday. I meet new people in our class everyday (well, that’s because we have 300 admissions in our course this year!).

Still its nothing like KJo movies, but it’s something. And I think that’s what DU life is about. Finding life and enjoying it. It doesn’t have to be extraordinary. It just has to be worth living.

Thank you for reading!
Have a good day (and life!)
Meet you soon 🙂


5 thoughts on “First post”

  1. All the best Nivedita. You are traveling through an exciting part of your life. Give it the best and I am sure success will be all yours!!


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