Changing Scenario

One day, while travelling in the metro, I saw a mother and a daughter who was not more than 5 years in age.

The daughter was playing on her mother’s phone and it was friend that she was very happy. And then suddenly, her mother grabbed the phone from her daughter. The latter unable to bear this, started screaming and eventually crying. Her mother tried her best to console her, but the daughter was crying her eyes out. Eventually, the mother gave in. She handed her phone to her daughter and she was smiling again, playing cheerfully.

Have you ever wondered what our lives would have been if we were introduced to technology at such an early stages of our lives? I don’t know about you, but I cannot imagine my life without “Mario” , “Minesweeper” or “Hearts”.

My 5 year old cousin brother doesn’t eat his breakfast before a round on “Subway Surf” or “Temple Run”.   Children should be encouraged to take up outdoor games and extra curricular activities. When I was 5, I started to learn dance. By the time I was 8, I was going for dance, music and art classes. (I should mention, I still learn dance! Though I left my music and art classes in the seventh grade.)

But let me tell you one thing, parents are also partially at fault here. When I was a young girl, my mother used to sit with me and tell me all kinds of stories. Parents nowadays are so busy with their lives, little time is left for them to spend with their children. Everyone is in the mad race to succeed. Not that it is unimportant, but isn’t this where time management plays a major role?

I hope, one day, this changes, and let’s hope, a day comes when fairies and princesses overthrow iPads and  iPhones.

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Posted by Nivedita


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