Is Being Successful Enough?

One day, I was waiting for my friend, sitting in an autorickshaw. While waiting, the driver started a conversation with me. It went like this :

Him : Which college do you study in ?

Me : Dyal Singh College, in Lodhi Road.

Him : Very good. Hope you had a good score in 12th grade.

Me : I got 90%. So yes, its good enough.

Him : 90% is an excellent score. I have two grandchildren. The eldest is a girl, she is a very bright student. The second child is a boy,.he is good in studies but he is a bit lazy.

Me : Thats okay. How old are they?

Him : The elder one is in 12th grade. He is in seventh grade.

Me : Ask them to study hard.

Him : I think they know it. They know their parents are working hard for them.

Me : I hope they become successful in their lives.

Him : How do you define successful ?

Me : I think, anybody who is happy doing their work, is successful.

Him : Does money count?

Me : No! Never. Money cannot give you happiness. Satisfaction with your work will give you happiness and it will make you more successful.

Him : That is correct. Then, I am successful too. I have been driving this auto for past 25 years. I am happy doing this work, I am satisfied. Am I not successful.

Me : Yes. You are.

By that time, my friend had arrived and the conversation ended. But it made a great impact on me.

Being an auto driver, he may not be earning a lot of money, but he is definitely happy. He is satisfied. And what he teaches his grandchildren is the same. Not to be successful, but to be happy. This is a very important lesson to be learnt.

I’m an 18 year old girl. I don’t work. But I have seen a lot adults who whine about their work. It is their chosen profession, still they are not happy. Obviously, they are not be successful. They are just earning money, not being victorious in their lives.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” –Herman Cain

Isn’t that true?

Thank you for reading folks!

Have a happy life 🙂


4 thoughts on “Is Being Successful Enough?”

  1. Wow…that was a great concept! Very motivating. Very true about being happy in whatever you do which by itself is being successfull.


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