Let us be Equal!

On 20th September 2014, actress Emma Watson gave an excellent speech on Feminism and Human Rights as a part of a special event for the HeForShe campaign at United Nations Headquarters. She spoke strongly of feminist issues and equality of men and woman.

Feminist issues date back to late 18th century and it is sad that feminism is still a big issue in the current world. As Emma mentions in her speech, “No country in the world can yet say they have achieved gender equality.” This is shocking, as people nowadays boasts about modernity and forward thinking and yet, women are not treated as equals.

Lot is going on regarding feminism. And most of it is irrelevant. Feminism, actually, is EQUAL rights for women as that of men. But many feminist movements revolve around women getting more rights than men, which again, is not fair. For instance, in India, you will find Women’s Only coaches reserved for women, where men are not allowed to enter. To be honest, this may not be just about feminism, it is partially because of women’s safety in public spaces.

Rather than working towards “women getting more rights (or rather, privileges)” , one should concentrate on working towards “women getting equal rights”, only then can we achieve gender equality.

Obviously, a lot has been changed from the early feminist movements. Women are respected, women are allowed to live (where female foeticide was prevalent), women are allowed to educate (where women’s education is an issue) but there are still many areas where women are still denied most of the rights.

If anything is changing, its because of those women ambassadors who work towards achieving equal rights for women, and again, NOT greater rights for women. The reason I repeat this, is because, there are still millions of people who doesn’t understand feminism in its true nature. It’s time, they understand it and work towards it.

Feminism is a very delicate issue which needs to be handled with immense care and understanding. As a women, I’m very much sensitive about feminism. I’m totally against reserving seats for women in trains, buses, etc. They are equal and they must learn to be equal.

We have come a long way fighting the stereotype against woman, and we still have a long journey yet to be covered. If we are into this together, we will and we can make this world a much better place to live in.

By writing this article, let me clarify one thing to men, I’m not against men. That is not what feminism about. Feminism is about equal rights, and that is the only thing I want.

I’m stepping up towards making this world a united, equal world. Are you?

P.S. In case you haven’t heard the speech, then please visit http://youtu.be/Q0Dg226G2Z8


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