Gratitude Day!

Last Day of November, huh? I can’t believe this. I remember back in September, when I was inspired to start a blog to express myself in a better way and to meet new people. It was an incredible journey till now and I hope it grows into something even more amazing in the future. Today, I am going to just express my gratitude to all the people who helped me in this blogging experience.

To be honest, in between this blogging experience, I’ve had my own low points. Like after posting for a few days in September, I procrastinated the entire October and didn’t post a thing except for the two last days, i.e. 30th and 31st. During that time, I questioned the entire idea of starting a blog. I was not sure anybody would even care to read my blog. I was almost at the verge of deleting my blog, when I saw a post from “The Daily Post” about Blogging U.’s Blogging 101:From Zero to Hero.

I read through the entire article about it and I decided to give it a try. If it worked, I might do a better work at blogging and if it didn’t, well let’s delete my blog. I signed up for the course starting from that Monday. And guess what it was awesome! Even though I had already done a lot of activities in there already, I still tried each activity and it gave my blog a personality and blogging activities a boost. Now tomorrow is the last day and I know that I’m going to miss this experience a lot. It made me into a good blogger. I was more consistent and more frequent. I want to thank the entire blogging 101 participants for their support and help. More importantly, the three amazing instructors we had; they were the best, supportive and helpful. I hope they are proud of their students.

About frequency, as I said earlier, I was not at all frequent or consistent and I didn’t even what kind of posts I want to publish. This entire month was wonderful. I posted almost every day. Sometimes, I couldn’t post because of my dance classes or studies or even exams. But I try to make it up every time because I love posting everyday and giving a share of my heart to the readers. (I love you all!)

So today’s “daily prompt” wants to know,

What’s the longest stretch you’ve ever pulled off of posting daily to your blog? What did you learn about blogging through that achievement, and what made you break the streak?

My longest stretch is 2 weeks, technically. But I usually don’t post on Sundays because it’s family time and I would never miss that for anything. So if you omit Sundays from your calendars, I posted every day. I’ve learnt a lot about blogging, branding and building an audience but the most important achievement is that I’ve learnt to value words. I think that if you have something to express and put it in words, there are millions out there to read it and appreciate you.

Thank you so much everyone, you all are the best!


Danger Averted

We all face dangerous situations in our lives. Sometimes, we face them fearlessly and come out of it, smiling and sometimes it just leaves you with a scar. We often blame the destiny for putting us through these situations. We often believe that coming out of a situation depends on our luck. If it’s a good luck, we smile and come out. But if it’s a bad luck, we are often left scarred. But is it really luck that plays a role here? Is it just a destiny meddling with your life?

The reason you’re stuck in that situation is because life wanted you to be there, to test you. It’s no news that life meddles with you frequently, but behind every test there is a lesson to be learnt. And even if we succeed or fail, we still learn a lesson. Similarly, luck doesn’t play any role in these tests. It’s a combination between your mind and heart that decides whether you win that test or you lose it. As I see more of this world, I realize human beings blame luck for everything that happens to them.

Luck, timing and destiny; they all play an important role. But we often get confused about these terms. In my exams, I scored lesser than I expected. Everyone, including me, blamed luck for it. I was convinced that it wasn’t mine but luck’s fault that I scored less. Now that enough time has passed, I realized, maybe I just didn’t work hard. I was into those exams for about an year (It’s that important!) and some part of my mind was in desperate need for some break and change. So maybe, I became careless and hence the score was low. Luck never played any part. (Or maybe it did, I’m still in denial.) People should really stop blaming luck and start working.

If a dangerous situation strikes, every single mind works in a different way. Some take precautions, some decide to face it, and some even lose hope. Often people think facing a dangerous situation requires courage. More than courage or bravery, it’s the mind, heart and brain which play the biggest role. You may be brave and decide to face the situation but there is good chance that you lose hope in the process because your mind was not set in the right place.

I’ve always considered brain the most beautiful thing created by God. It is the most “intelligent” thing among brain, heart and mind. When mind loses its cool and heart says no, brain takes up the lead and guides us through the situation rationally. Those people who do not use their brain during crisis often fail the test (metaphorical test!). Intelligence always helps.

Mind works the best when it is relaxed. You can steer through any problem if you keep your mind relaxed and calm. I have seen many people who remain agitated and frustrated and then complain about life. I don’t know how many people believe negative-positive energy, but I definitely believe in them. Agitation and anxiety releases negative energy. These people can never think straight and that’s the major reason they usually can’t face a problem and complain.

Heart works only when brain and mind are functioning fully. Heart often loses hope. People say, “Listen to your heart!” I say, “Listen to your heart, only if your brain and mind works.” I love Economics, and I am pursuing Economics (Hons.) because my heart said so. I only listened to my heart because my brain and mind equally supported it. So why not?

I’m not a fitness freak, medical student or spiritual guru. I don’t know anything about how heart, mind or brain works technically. But I know how they work in practical situations. I’m saying these either from my own experiences or after listening to various other accounts.

Today’s prompt says

You were caught in an avalanche. To be rescued, you need to make it through the night. What thought(s) would give you the strength to go through such a scary, dangerous situation?

My answer, make sure my brain works, keep my mind calm and relaxed and tell my heart, “Everything is possible.”

Remembering Our Past

Every individual has a story. No matter, how ordinary a life looks like, there is always an extraordinary story behind it. No life is born without a story and no life ends without creating a story. I’ve met so many people who may seem like any other ordinary person, but as you start talking to them and get to know more about them, you realize that the simplest of lives are based on an amazing story. Usually that story is in the family roots itself. No one realizes about their story until they actually start discovering it.

I have a story, too. I belong to an upper caste family hailing from God’s Own Country, Kerala (Note: If you haven’t visited Kerala yet, book your tickets now, because you don’t want to not visit that place ever!). Even though castes divisions are removed from our society long ago, there are still some sections of our society which follow caste divisions. From a really tender age itself, I’ve had an interest in knowing my family history. I maintained a book where I wrote about my ancestors and their relations.

I started with my maternal and paternal great grandparents who died even before I was born. My last great grandmother died the day I was born. So, I haven’t met any of them and I couldn’t really know about their family history in detail. But with the help of my paternal and maternal grandmothers, I tried to collect some information about my family. What they did, how many children they had, how was the family gatherings then, how they spent their free time(they didn’t have Smartphones then!) and since in earlier days, we had a joint family system with over 10-15 people living in one single house, I wanted to know about that too. My grandmother spent her childhood living in a big family mansion, so I was eager to know about their life then.

Every year I visit my grandparents I make sure that I talk to my grandparents about their childhood because learning about your own ancestors teaches you a lot. They had a different kind of life altogether. Knowing about these things sometimes makes me wonder, what if I was born in those days. How different my life would be? And what if my great-grandparents were given a chance to live with our generation?

Sometimes, I wonder, if given a chance now to travel back into those times and live a life according to those days, will I be successful in it? For some days, I may be really excited to travel around and explore and meet my ancestors but as times goes on, it will become difficult for me to survive without my Smartphone or my computer. Smartphones are dearer to us than family relations now. Technology has soared to new heights and new inventions are being made every day to make us more comfortable. But the entire concept of having a family gathering and talking and socializing has lost its essence. And even though I’m a part of that generation, I’m not really proud of it.

Things changed as soon as families started breaking and the big joint family has turned into small nuclear families. Whenever I go to meet my cousins, it fills me up with happiness because it fills the house with joy and happiness. Coming back to home, to my comfortable bed is at the cost of leaving cousins and their love.

Every story is important, as is remaining grounded to your roots. These roots brought you up. These family traditions and stories is the reason you are you. Anything you are or anything you will be will be partly because of your ancestors. It’s time we go back to the story which brought us up and remember our past.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Digging for Roots.”