Let’s Blog!

It’s been a month since I started I blogging. I got into this Blogging U course and my assignment is to introduce myself. So read on :

Why I blog?

Six months ago when I completed my school life, I had a goal of doing some productive work and have a better lifestyle. After five months of procrastination, I came up with two decisions that needed immediate enforcement. One, to be able to socialize more and meet new people and two, to be able to express myself in a better way.

College was supposed to be a way to meet new people and socialize more, and even though I met five amazing friends in college, I still had the fear of meeting new people. I had no idea how to express myself in a better way, when one of my friends came up with the idea of blogging. I considered that option and hence I gave it a try. And after one month and six posts, here I am, taking an online blogging course to meet new people and to express myself better.

So, hey everyone. This is Nivedita, connecting to you through “Weird and Wondeful”.

Last month, when I sat down to write my first post, I had no idea about blogosphere. I decided to introduce myself and name the post, “First Post” without any creativity and imagination. One month on, I realize, I have learnt a lot of new things and I’m still learning.

What I blog about?

As I said, the reason I started a blog, was to meet new people with similar(and different!) interests and more importantly express myself in a better way. Even though I started writing and published my first ever post, I did not have anything else to write about. I decided to explore but nothing really worked, and that’s when I realized, the only kind of things I can write about are those which happen around me all the time. The small, beautiful and meaningful things that happen all the time are some of those things which are seldom noted and rarely written about. So that’s when I decided to the main idea of my blog.

Why this name?

I wanted a unique name which was easy to remember and yet quirky, in a way. I did a lot of brainstorming and when my sister posted an update about welcoming her new born daughter to this “weird yet wonderful world”, I knew what my blog name will be.

As for the domain name, I am huge believer in dreams. Dreams are what make a man complete and human live based on their dreams. So, I decided to make my domain name based on that thought itself, dreaming, then working towards that dream and then living it.

And lastly, I love you and let’s be friends!

When I said I wanted to meet new people, I meant with possible love and affection. When I write, I want to reach out those kind of people who will benefit from it. I want someone to get inspired to start writing. If youare reading and even if you aren’t, I love you, because it is because of you I write and it is because of you survive. So why not, extend our hands and shake our hands into a long lasting friendship.

Thank you so much for reading.

Good day!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Blog!”

  1. I like your blog a lot. You’ve done such a nice job.

    I’m glad you are taking Blogging 101. Blogging 101 and Writing 101 were my favorite Blogging University courses. Whole new worlds opened up for me. I look forward to seeing the posts you write and the changes you make as you proceed through the course.


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