The Letter Of Inspiration

Dear 80-year-old self,

You inspire me. You make want to do more. You motivate me to succeed in life. You have no idea about my existence. You have no idea how much your life inspires me. When I read about you, I realize every woman should be like you. Earlier I was just a random girl with no aim, with no dreams or aspirations living a life my parents wanted me to live. But now, I want to be you. I want to be successful, living a life of no regrets, rocking in that chair comfortably,

Every step I take in my life is inspired by you. I want to be happy and content with my life. I want to look at my life and say, “I did it the right way!”.  You husband, your children and you grandchildren love you so much. They look up to you for inspiration and motivation. And I’m sure, they will be as fabulous as you are.

You have made so many mistakes, but that doesn’t leave you scarred. You don’t lose hope. You made these failures the stepping stones to you success. There has been numerous obstacles in your way, you have struggles a lot to reach here, but looking at you, it was all worth it, wasn’t it?

You found the love of your life, married him, had children and grandchildren. Everything makes you happy. All of them puts a smile on your face. It’s beautiful. I hope to reach there one day. I hope to be surrounded by my lovely family during festivals and even I’m dying. Because, life is dull without them. Life is meaningless without a family.

Your dreams! You worked tirelessly to fulfill them because that’s exactly what you wanted. You are what you are because of your dreams. You dared to dream. You worked towards it. While others were partying at 2 a.m., you were working late at night. With your dreams fulfilled, you are living the life you wished for. You are living a life you always wanted.

I won’t lose hope because when I know when I feel like giving up, I have this letter to inspire me. I have you to look up to. Because whatever I do in my life, reader, it is because of you. Only you.

When I write this letter to you, I have no idea if it will reach you, but I don’t care about that as long as you are still out there inspiring me at every step.

Your 18-year-old self.

P.S. This is something I wrote when I turned eighteen. I wasn’t sure if I can share it with anybody until now. Yet, there are many things I haven’y included, because they are too personal to share.


7 thoughts on “The Letter Of Inspiration”

  1. Hey Nivedita,
    I dunno if you remember me, but I am Adi’s friend. 🙂 (The one who made the Marauder’s Map card.) Anyways, really like your blog – I have one of my own too. I am leaving a link, check it out, and maybe we can get inspired from each other’s posts. I know I was by yours 🙂

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