I Want My Spot Back!

When I was in school, my friends and I had discovered a lot of hidden places in our school to have a “private meeting” of our own. This started when we were in our seventh grade. Over the years we found out a lot of amazing spots to discuss our observations and thoughts (they were pretty stupid, but that’s kind of fun!).

My favorite of these was a small room which usually remains closed from outside but we can go there from inside through a small passage. It was the most private space you could ever find. I totally loved it, but once our teacher caught us sitting in that room, and we were obviously punished for going to such a secluded area. So we had to let go of that place and find a new one. It was pretty sad to let go that space.

Even though we stopped going there, I sometimes go there to have a private time by myself, because I enjoy it. My friends didn’t know about it. But I am assuming that they did the same thing, because it was our favorite, no matter what. It was sort of “our” spot.

I left my school in March, and even though I have been to my school a few times after March, it was just a quick visit and I couldn’t go back to the spot then. But last week, I went to my school for a function. My friends and I went to have a look that room, when we found out that our room and three rooms adjacent to it has been demolished for building a “seminar room”. We were depressed after we saw that, I couldn’t enjoy the rest of the evening.

Why that room was so special, you ask? It’s just a room.

No it’s not. It was a place where we all used to sit together and talk. It was a private space. It was my home. It reminded me of why we all needed some private space from our daily lives. It reminded me of our friendship and how this place used to bind us as friends. I wanted it to remain like that forever, so that when years later, we all come back and visit that place, we go back to our childhood and relive those memories. Now everything just vanished. Like it never existed. It now remains like a memory in our minds.

In response to the Daily Prompt <ahref=”http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/let-it-be/”>Let It Be</a>


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