Finding resemblance in opposites!

Over the years, I have met a lot of people and have made a bunch of awesome friends. There are numerous people who are close to me. According to me, the amount of closeness is closely related to the degree to which the two of us can relate. I get close to people only if I can relate to them, only if they are like me. People with whom I can’t relate to are rarely on my list of close relationships. But everything has an exception, this one has it too.

Today, I’m going to talk about those two people who until April 2012, were just some random schoolmates with whom I had nothing in common. Yet, after April 2011, they became my best friends, soul sisters and friend-kind-of way-soul mates. They are Ria and Roopa. This is the story of how I met them, and why it was possible for me to accept them as my friends.

When my best friend of four years (Anna) and I entered our 11th grade classroom, we couldn’t find anything welcoming. We chose the seats in the front left corner and sat down. In front of us, two girls were fighting and they looked really stupid. But since we didn’t know anybody else that well, we decided to talk to them and get to know each other. So we started talking. Initially it was just random awkward conversation. First day, not impressive. Second day, same as first, not fun. Days passed. We still talked. But as days passed by, Anna and I realized that we were actually having fun with them. And next thing we know, we are sharing secrets, gossiping, watching movies together and whatnot.

Two and a half years on, after an awful lot of fights and break-ups, we have reached a point where without each other maybe four of us couldn’t even think of surviving. We were poles apart in so many things, but we were same in one thing, friendship.

What was so special about them that even though we were so different (initially!) we could still connect?

That is a question I still ask myself most of the time. They were nothing like me when I met them. But as we got to know each other, i realized that despite those unlikeliness in our personalities, there was a bond or an understanding which made our differences vanish. I thank god everyday, for giving me these amazing girlfriends – including Anna – without whom I am nothing.

That is what life is all about, finding people who are different from you, people who are unlike you. Because these are the people who are going to contribute to the biggest changes in your lives.

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