You’re A Winner!

I was reading through an article Letter About Studing by Esther Haelen Ru and I suggest everyone nervous about studies have a look at this. It’s beautifully written and it inspires you in every possible way and it has inspired me too. She says, “Knowledge is a way for me to discover the beauty not only inside myself but around me, and to maximize that beauty, spread it and perpetuate it to its fullest.”

In about ten days, I would be appearing for my semester exams. It’s been only eight months since I wrote my twelfth grade exams – which, in India, is one of the most important exams – and now eight months later, I’m appearing for another exam. Now, this exam isn’t as important as the twelfth grade one, but you could feel tension in the air. Everything feels the same. The pressure on me to do well, the no-more-tv-shows-rule – which is a rule made up by my parents so that I watch TV less – and many other made-up rules are back in action. It’s March all over again.

I have given so many exams before my CBSE ones (twelfth grade) and I was never under pressure to do well, but luckily, I somehow did well. These are just semester exams, how bad could they be? I never gave up on my social life due to exams before twelfth grade, then why am I giving it up now? This doesn’t look good at all. Is it the “correct” way of studying?

When I was in school, I studied because subjects like history and geography because I had to. I had no choice. But now that I’m in college, I chose a subject which is closest to my heart, Economics. The entire reason behind why I study changed as soon as I took up Economics. I am a curious little girl. And I study Economics out of curiosity. I study because I want to know more and I want to discover more about Economics. When I took up this subject, I had no fear of studying, because I LOVE studying Economics. Then why am I afraid now? Then why am I worried about my studies?

I don’t want my life to be restricted around books, I want to go outside that boundary and work more. I want my knowledge to grow without any boundaries. And if I’m not able to do that, am I really learning anything, except for some formulas? Obviously these formulas aren’t going to teach me how to live, or how to work. They can solve a problem, but they can’t solve a real life problem.

Dear readers, the entire point of this post is,

  • never restrict yourself or your knowledge to just some textbooks. Let it grow.
  • Don’t let yourself come under pressure to do well. If you don’t get good scores, that’s okay, because life isn’t going to stop you there. Just because you are one step behind doesn’t mean you can’t leap three steps ahead.
  • Love what you do and do what you love.

You’re a winner, no matter what.



4 thoughts on “You’re A Winner!”

  1. Wow – when I wrote this letter to my sister, I had no idea it would resonate with people from another continent, halfway around the world. Thank you so much: your post has given me so much inspiration and hope, and I’m once more amazed at the power of words to reach across oceans to touch a common chord in us all. Good luck on your exams, and I hope we can both remember to love what we study, even if it seems stressful sometimes! xo

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