The Simple Gift

When I saw today’s Daily Prompt, it reminded me of the story of a beautiful card I got years back. Read on…

I have celebrated eighteen birthdays till now. All of them were memorable and beautiful in their own way. Some were celebrated with my family alone, some with only my friends and others had both family and friends together. The best part of the birthday parties are presents. No matter how old you are, a gift from your loved ones – and the subsequent opening of presents – is the most awaited event of birthday celebrations.

Over the years, I have been given various types of gifts; from lunch boxes in third or fourth grade to game sets in seventh grade, from photo frames from friends to mobile phone from my parents. All presents are amazing, especially when they are given by loved ones. But a gift is truly special if you have given much thought into that present. I received one such gift long back when I was 11 or 12.

It was a card. A simple card. (Okay, now you have to totally imagine it) It showed two girls (me and my friend) with one girl (my friend) holding a present in her hand. The two girls’ hands were joined by a thread and the two end of the thread were taped together at the back of the card. If you slightly pull the thread from the back of the card, you could see that the gift in the first girl’s hands slid through the thread and ended in the second girl’s hands. It had a simple meaning. My friend is giving me a present. That’s it. But the feeling you get is deeper and intense.

When I received that card, I was super-happy. She used her imagination to make a card for me. It makes you feel special. It makes you feel loved and wanted. That’s exactly how I felt at that time. We were very close back then. Currently, she is in an entire different continent. So obviously, we are not much close. But this gift she gave me was worth it.

Why is that card so special?

Obviously I have been given a lot of cards, most of them were handmade too. But why was this one so special? Because at the tender age of 11 (or 12), no one expects you to put so much imagination in a card. She wanted to give me a card but she wanted me to feel good about the card. Maybe she wanted me to remember her always even when we are apart or maybe she wanted me to remember her gift among all others I’ve got.

Of all the presents I ever got, this one was the simplest. Yet this was definitely the best.


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