Wait For Your Turn

Dreams are important. But what is even more important is patience. You need to be patient with dreams. Just because you have a dream and you intend to fulfill it by working harder than ever doesn’t mean your dream is going to be achieved right away. It takes time. It may take some days, some months, years or even decades to finally see some light. But that doesn’t mean you lose hope and be like, “Hey! I had a dream, but it isn’t happening anytime soon. So I’m just gonna sit at home and watch movies all day long.” (No offence to any movie buff. I LOVE movies. But there are people who do that.)

There was a time when I believed in nothing. Because nothing was happening sooner for me. I was the most impatient girl you’ve ever come across. I remember giving up on big opportunities because they weren’t happening sooner. And when it finally happened, it was too late. My parents sat me down one day to teach me the importance of waiting for your turn. My life was not same after that.

I hear people say, “I have waited for too long. It’s high time I move on and try something new.” Now only part I agree on is “try something new”. There is no such thing as waited too long – unless you’re 80 and you are still waiting. It isn’t happening sooner but it will happen. It ought to happen some day. That’s how life goes. You need to wait for your turn. Because, “Good things come to those who wait.”

But that doesn’t mean you keep on waiting for eternity. Even though there is no limit for waiting, you still have a lot of things to do before you die. Your dream will always there with you. But as I said before, try something new. Try something you’d not do even in your wildest of your dreams. It’s always for the best. What if it leads you to your original dream? What if it becomes your new dream? Or what if it was always your dream, and you just didn’t realize it? Never give up on dreams. Wait, if that’s the only answer. But have a plan B.

In the popular sitcom, “How I Met Your Mother” there is a part where the protagonist (Ted) is not able to realize his dream of building a skyscraper. He tries a lot of new ventures, but eventually everything leads to nowhere. That’s when his friend, Lily says, “Look, you can’t design your life like a building. It doesn’t work that way. You just have to live it… and it’ll design itself.”. It’s one of the most inspirational lines I’ve heard.

So all I want to say is, waiting isn’t all that bad. Waiting doesn’t have an expiration date. If it isn’t happening anytime soon, put your plan B into action. Give your life a meaning. Because, in life, you never know what happens next.

In response to, The Daily Prompt : The Waiting Room


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