The Road to Perfection

Have you ever tried to learn something new and had this feeling that this is something I can’t do. Well, I have one too. It’s called driving. Driving a car. So all my friends, as soon as they turned eighteen, decided to go for driving classes. Not that I’m not interested in driving, but I’m not its biggest fan either. So when all my friends were busy learning how to drive, I was sitting at home and looking at them with a little hint of jealousy. So, I tried to squeeze driving classes into my busy schedule. But it was not working so I decided to give it a try when I have enough time. And usually that happens in October-November.

So I signed up for the driving classes. It had a duration of 20 days, including theory classes, simulator classes and on road classes. First ten classes of simulator and theory were good enough. I was confident enough and felt almost ready to give driving a try. So when on-road classes came, I was all excited and anxious. First class was good. I did a few mistakes, but hey, nobody is perfect, everyone takes time. So I didn’t mind. But as days and classes went by, I wasn’t improving much. Today was my sixth class and it sucked. My instructor tried many times but every day I made the same mistake. I have a feeling that this might not be working.

I remember a session in my school about discovering this wonderful world. They talked about exploring this world, trying out new things, learning new skills, etc. I remember getting excite about turning eighteen so that I could finally learn how to drive so that I don’t have to depend on my dad to take me somewhere. I thought it is something easy and I could learn it. But guess what? I can’t. Not that I’m trying. I am trying really hard. It’s just that I’m not feeling satisfied. I don’t feel driving is something I can learn easily. And that might be the truth.

One thing I learned through this experience is, no matter what you learn in life, there is always something that you can’t master. There is at least one skill that you can’t learn easily. I’m not saying I can’t learn. Of course, I can learn and I will learn. But it is going to give me a hard time.

My mom says nothing is easy. She is probably right. Whenever I learn a new skill, I used to be so proud of myself. Like, yes, I did it, it was so easy. But nothing is easy; there is always something that gives you a hard time. It’s going to make you question, “Why did I learn driving in the first place?”. You feel like giving up.

But you know what’s fun? Doing that exact thing. Finally accomplishing it. Because that’s how these things work. They make you question every decision you ever took. Until you finally master that skill and show the world that you did it.

And when you experience that, you feel complete.



4 thoughts on “The Road to Perfection”

  1. You can do it! It’s so interesting to read about your experience because it’s so different from mine. In the US, we can get a driver’s license at 16 years old. Licenses are granted relatively easily, despite how hard we think the test is when we’re 16. Living in Los Angeles, I ask myself daily how some people passed their test or have not gotten in a fatal accident yet! If these dummies out here can do it, so can you 🙂

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    1. Thank you! It means a lot, really. 🙂

      That’s the thing, you know. When I signed up for the classes, I had the same thought in me. I mean if everyone can do it, so can I. But somehow it’s not working that way. And I’m sure, I’m going to do it. That’s a promise. 😀


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