The Good Old Days

Ever since I joined college in July this year, I haven’t spent a day without missing my school. People say things change when you enter college; you become mature, you become responsible and feel like you’ve grown up. It’s one of those stages in your life when you stop being immature and start being sensible. But what if I don’t want to grow up? What if I want to live my life not being all serious and sensible, but being fun and happy? I’ve talked to so many seniors and asked them, which is better, school or college, and all of them answered with the same answer: College life. You ask me? I will always choose school. Here are some reasons to start with :

1. Being judgemental

When I was in school, people didn’t judge me because of my likes and dislikes. Those were the times when you were innocent, and you made relationships based on understanding and love. Not likes and dislikes. And shockingly, it applies to me too. Unknowingly, I’ve become judgemental and that’s not something I want to be. I’ve always been open-minded. But now suddenly, I’m choosing sides and people based on likes and dislikes.

2. Complicated Life

Back in school, everything was simple. And I mean EVERYTHING! I mean, if you have a doubt, go to the teacher, they will help you without a second thought. In college, teachers help you after a lot of persuasion. New to school? Don’t worry, ask anyone, they will help. New to college? Good luck with finding your room, buddy! If you have a problem in school, you have a school counsellor to talk to. If you have a problem in college, you get, “You are an adult now, and you should solve your own problems.” Like I didn’t know that. There is a point when we all need help and advice, in college, it’s just impossible to find help.

3. Popularity

Okay this is not just about school popularity, but about class popularity. Now, this is a problem, which only I have to go through, I guess. Most people are not a part of the class with 100+ students. Half of the time, you don’t even know your classmates’ names, let alone your college mates. And this is a problem. I usually interact with almost everyone, even though I have a group of friends with whom I hang out with. But in college, that just becomes difficult.

4. Closeness with your teachers

Again, this may not be a problem for those who aren’t usually close to their teachers. I’m not saying I’m a teacher’s pet. I had a love-hate equation with many of my teachers. But I did have a certain degree of closeness with them. There are some teachers who shaped the way I think, the way I act or the way I speak. When in school, these are the same set of people with whom you fight a lot, for marks, for petty issues, etc. But these are the same people whom you’re going to miss when you leave your school.


I have an amazing group of friends in college. No doubt, there. They’re awesome and they’re the only reason I wake up every day to go to college. But school friends? They are way more amazing. You are friends with them since you were small, when you didn’t have any kind of impurities in your heart. They have seen all sides of you because they’re with you for at least seven years or more. They know you. College friends are special in their own way and I love them but if you don’t miss your school friends, then maybe your school life was not good enough.

So that’s it, they are my Salad Days . I miss that period so much and every day, I regret that I am over 18 now and now that period of innocence is over.


6 thoughts on “The Good Old Days”

  1. You personalized this so well. The transition to college and the “real” world is a rough one. Hold on to what is dear from your school days it is what makes you “you.” One day, you may look on your college days fondly or with a laugh. These are all chapters in our life. Just remember be true to yourself. No judgements and no regrets.

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    1. Thank you so much! 😀
      One day, I want to look at my college life and say, “I did it right!” Just I like I say it for my school. I hope to learn something new from this past of my life, too.
      Anyways thank you for your wonderful comment 🙂


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