Be The Strange!

So today’s daily prompt suggests us to write about that one eccentric relative who always says and does the strangest things. It should be easy. Every family has one; mine should have one too. I decided to make a list of those relatives who did some strange things in family functions. But slowly I realized that most of them (some of them can be troublesome!) aren’t strange; they are weird in their own way. But then that’s what makes everyone unique.

And the best part is, they are the major source of entertainment for any boring family functions where you’re forcibly taken to socialize. I mean, it’s their weirdness that stands out. They are in the eyes of everyone. They have the power to stand out among the crowd. Isn’t that what we all should be hoping for? Isn’t it amazing how the weirdest people are the most wonderful people on this planet?

My friends, who are like my family, are the weirdest and the strangest people you’ll ever meet. They make silly jokes, they speak loudly, even in public and even on phone and they are the only people who can be this weird and be this wonderful. They are the best people ever.

Whenever I go to a family function, I try to be the “eccentric one”. I try to make everyone laugh, even if it makes me look stupid or weird or strange. And this applies not just to any family function. I try to make everyone laugh in almost every occasion. Except for maybe some serious occasions, where they expect me to be well-behaved. I can’t see someone getting bored. I mean, if you can’t think of anything interesting to do, I can help.

There was a time, when I used to observe people. I used to judge them according to their behavior. The above said “eccentric people” weren’t the type of people I approved of. I tried to maintain a distance from them. But as you grow, you realize, life is getting shorter every second. If you can’t have fun now, you might never have fun. Thank god, I’m over that phase of my life.

I’ve always considered strange or weird to be an underrated word. Being strange is good (as long as you maintain your limits!). You have the power to turn heads, make people wonder and more importantly, live life. Most of us just exist, strange people live. (Know the difference?)

So, the point is, are you the eccentric person in your family? Are you the one your relatives talk about? If not, then try to be one. Try to be that strange person. Try to stand out. Try to be unique. Make people talk about you. Even better, try to make people blog about you. Because who knows, your relatives finds an entertainment in you!

Be the eccentric relative you wish you had.


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