The Day Off.

Oh a day off! Just reading the Daily Prompt itself makes me want to take a day off. Sadly I cannot. I have exams in precisely three days and I still have a lot of preparation to do. But in exactly three weeks, I’ll be free as a bird. The thought of a day off makes me want just dance!

So what does my day off looks like? Good question. So I have this problem, which started after my 12th grade exams in March. Whenever I think of a day off, I instantly make plans with my friends and relatives of visiting various places, hanging out, catching up, etc. But as the day approaches, I turn into a couch potato. I get more movies to watch, more TV shows to catch up with and more importantly, more number of hours to sleep. All my long list of places just vanish into thin air and I end up watching movies and shows, eating more (and gaining weight!) and sleeping more. I’m usually that friend who cancels on others and the plan is dropped. I feel terrible sometimes.

The thing is, I get up early in the morning during exams. Like 4:30 a.m. or something and yes, I’m a morning person. So when exams get over, I sleep a lot, as revenge. (Stupid, right?) I am not allowed to watch TV during exams, so I tend to watch more after exams. They are all related.

So, as of now, I have a lot of plans arranged for the day my exams gets over, hopefully they will be executed. I’m going to keep a balance between sleeping, eating, watching TV, blogging and socializing this time because I have a month-long break. So I will be able to achieve all of it.

The best part of the entire break is a vacation to a beautiful city, Pondicherry in India. It’s beautiful and I’m going with my cousins and it will be fun. I’m so excited about it for some time now and sometimes I can’t even study.

The most important of it all, I’ve decided to learn a new activity, photography. My dad clicks some amazing photos, and I’ve always been interested in photography. It’s a New Year’s 2014 resolution to learn at least one new skill. I thought driving would be the one, but it turns out, it isn’t working that well, so the close second is photography.

So this break, I have a whole list of items planned and I intend to put them in action, because life is too short to miss out on anything.


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