Life: A Movie

Have you felt that suddenly all songs on your playlist describes your life perfectly? That every song ever written is directed towards you and only you? Well, I’ve had experienced that a number of times. And I’m sure most people of my age does experience that once in a while. It’s quite natural (or is it?).

So when the Daily Post asked me about it, I couldn’t help but wonder, what would the soundtrack be like for a movie on my life?

There is a thing about life. It’s not a movie. It is never a movie. A movie’s ending is well known, we know exactly how the movie is going to end, and even though some really good movies give us some surprises in between, we know there is a happy ending waiting for the movie (except for suspense story!). But in life, you never know what is going to happen or when is it going to happen? You just have to live on.

Even though this is true, I sometimes like to believe that my life is like a movie, with a beautiful story and a fairytale ending and perfect “happily ever after”. There is always a part of me, wanting all the attention and getting good surprises along the way. But life has managed to give me a few not-so-good surprises in-between and even though they were really bad, I always came out of it smiling.

There was a time, when I thought my life was actually a movie. Everything good was happening to me. It was perfect. But sometimes, you’ve no idea, what life is planning for you. Sometimes, you think, this is it; this is how my life looks like. And next thing you know, an entirely different scene breaks out. And you keep waiting for your “happily ever after”.

Whenever I picture my life as a movie, I never use already written scores on the soundtrack. They are usually self-created, pathetic music because every life is a different story, and every story deserves a different soundtrack. I got to admit; I take lines and tunes from here and there and then create my music.

So that’s it, whenever life seems like a movie, I create a song for its background. If it’s a happy movie, I create a happy song. Whenever I’m sad, I create a sad song and wait for my happy ending.

Because, if your life does not have a happy ending, it’s not an ending, yet.


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