The Taste of Independence

Till now, there have been a lot of situations where I am supposed to sort everything out by myself, but I end up asking for others’ help. Most of the times, I am helped throughout the situation, many times, I’m guided by someone but the work was mine and yet other times, I’m alone and I have to do it by myself. That was till last year. After I turned 18 and joined college, things started changing. I love being independent and tackling my problems on my own.

I have experienced quite a lot of changes in my life after I joined college. One of the most important changes I’ve gone through is being independent. Till last year, I always wanted someone by my side for everything. Usually, that someone is my mom. From small chores to big decisions, I never did anything by myself. But now, even though I haven’t completely changed myself, there is a part of me which craves to be independent and work through problems on my own.

I think that’s how you feel when you turn eighteen. Becoming an adult was something I’ve always feared. Being responsible, being independent, finding your dream and passion was something I never wanted to. I was afraid of growing up. But now that I’m an adult, I’ve realized that growing up is inevitable. So all you can do is enjoy the process. Growing up can be fun.

Till last year, all I dreamt of was meeting Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston. Now (in addition to those dreams) I dream bigger. I dream ahead. Till last year, I had to ask my parents for permission to visit places with my friends. But now, I just inform them about my whereabouts. It makes me free and gives me a better degree of freedom to explore. Till last year, I was careless about money. Every month, I got my pocket money and spent it without even a second thought. Now that I’m fairly independent, I take care of every penny I spend. It makes me responsible.

Jane Eyre is my favourite book. Everyone, especially women, should read it. It has a line which says,

“I am not bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will.”

This line inspires very much. Even though, I’m not fully independent, one day, I’m going to change that. Because being independent and taking actions on your own teaches you a lot.

But independence is not to be confused to be with being alone. There is a fine line between these two. I want companions in my life. I want to share my stories with people I care about the most and listen to their stories too. But I don’t want to dependent on them for my life to move ahead. I want them to be with me when I move ahead or go through a rough phase. And I want to be with them when they go through different phases in their lives. It’s important to understand this difference, because people often forget to find their companions while on the road to become independent.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Calling Uncle Bob.”


3 thoughts on “The Taste of Independence”

  1. “But independence is not to be confused to be with being alone. There is a fine line between these two.”

    I completely feel you here. I’m freshly 18 and just entered college, and my sentiments are very much expressed in this post. I’ve recently been through some major changes, all of which that are making me reevaluate my life’s direction…and the need for independence is really helping me there. That being said, many of my friends believe that I’m pushing them away: a course of action that sometimes feels necessary, but can’t last forever. Anyway, I completely feel you here, and thanks for writing this! 🙂

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    1. I’m eighteen too and good to know there are more people out there who feel me. Some things in life aren’t permanent. We need to understand that. And as you grow older, things become clearer. And if through that journey you lose some people, I think it’s okay. New people are waiting to join your journey. Good luck with everything!! 🙂
      Thank you so much for your words. 😀


      1. I also think that sometimes, spending time alone can bring about some much-needed clarity. For me, needing my space resulted in a more independent mindset, and vice versa. There has been some social stigma surrounding it, but I guess that’s how I’m able to see who my true friends are. Good luck with everything too! And keep writing; I like what I’m reading 😉

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