Danger Averted

We all face dangerous situations in our lives. Sometimes, we face them fearlessly and come out of it, smiling and sometimes it just leaves you with a scar. We often blame the destiny for putting us through these situations. We often believe that coming out of a situation depends on our luck. If it’s a good luck, we smile and come out. But if it’s a bad luck, we are often left scarred. But is it really luck that plays a role here? Is it just a destiny meddling with your life?

The reason you’re stuck in that situation is because life wanted you to be there, to test you. It’s no news that life meddles with you frequently, but behind every test there is a lesson to be learnt. And even if we succeed or fail, we still learn a lesson. Similarly, luck doesn’t play any role in these tests. It’s a combination between your mind and heart that decides whether you win that test or you lose it. As I see more of this world, I realize human beings blame luck for everything that happens to them.

Luck, timing and destiny; they all play an important role. But we often get confused about these terms. In my exams, I scored lesser than I expected. Everyone, including me, blamed luck for it. I was convinced that it wasn’t mine but luck’s fault that I scored less. Now that enough time has passed, I realized, maybe I just didn’t work hard. I was into those exams for about an year (It’s that important!) and some part of my mind was in desperate need for some break and change. So maybe, I became careless and hence the score was low. Luck never played any part. (Or maybe it did, I’m still in denial.) People should really stop blaming luck and start working.

If a dangerous situation strikes, every single mind works in a different way. Some take precautions, some decide to face it, and some even lose hope. Often people think facing a dangerous situation requires courage. More than courage or bravery, it’s the mind, heart and brain which play the biggest role. You may be brave and decide to face the situation but there is good chance that you lose hope in the process because your mind was not set in the right place.

I’ve always considered brain the most beautiful thing created by God. It is the most “intelligent” thing among brain, heart and mind. When mind loses its cool and heart says no, brain takes up the lead and guides us through the situation rationally. Those people who do not use their brain during crisis often fail the test (metaphorical test!). Intelligence always helps.

Mind works the best when it is relaxed. You can steer through any problem if you keep your mind relaxed and calm. I have seen many people who remain agitated and frustrated and then complain about life. I don’t know how many people believe negative-positive energy, but I definitely believe in them. Agitation and anxiety releases negative energy. These people can never think straight and that’s the major reason they usually can’t face a problem and complain.

Heart works only when brain and mind are functioning fully. Heart often loses hope. People say, “Listen to your heart!” I say, “Listen to your heart, only if your brain and mind works.” I love Economics, and I am pursuing Economics (Hons.) because my heart said so. I only listened to my heart because my brain and mind equally supported it. So why not?

I’m not a fitness freak, medical student or spiritual guru. I don’t know anything about how heart, mind or brain works technically. But I know how they work in practical situations. I’m saying these either from my own experiences or after listening to various other accounts.

Today’s prompt says

You were caught in an avalanche. To be rescued, you need to make it through the night. What thought(s) would give you the strength to go through such a scary, dangerous situation?

My answer, make sure my brain works, keep my mind calm and relaxed and tell my heart, “Everything is possible.”


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