Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hello everybody!

It’s holiday season and I hope all of you are enjoying this amazing season with your friends, family and acquaintances. Well, I’m going on a vacation too with my family and therefore I’m taking a break from blogging for ten days. I will just sit back and relax, though I will pop in to say hi in between. I wish you a merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year and I hope that 2015 is as awesome as 2014!


History Rewritten

I hate arguments, not only because it sets me in a really bad mood, but also because I suck at comebacks. Whenever I have an argument with somebody and the other person comes up with some really irritating (but surprisingly sassy) comment, I’m left with nothing but speechless face. The worst part is that I come up with a sassy comment hours later after the argument and it just keeps you in a rotten mood for days together. So, I usually try not to argue with somebody and just leave the topic as it is.

Honestly, it’s not just the comebacks that I suck at. It’s almost every decision I take. Sometimes, when I look back, there are a million times when I just think, “What if I took the other one?” This happens mostly when I’m shopping. Sometimes, I love all the shirts and I can buy only one, then I have to take a decision, a really tough decision. Later, when I wear it, it’s always the same reaction, “I should have taken the other one.” Taking the right decision comes rarely to me in such situations. Even though I take a good decision in bigger problems, it’s sometimes the smaller ones which affect you the most.

In addition to comebacks and decisions, there is something else that I’d love to change. It’s my inability to react to rude remarks, not just about me but about my friends as well! The amount of mean people are just growing day by day everywhere. And it’s not just the grown-ups, but children as well. When I was younger, I respected everyone, even my juniors. Nowadays, kids have stopped respecting their seniors, let alone their juniors. When somebody makes a mean comment, I just don’t react. Sometimes, it’s good. But other times, well, they just assume that I’m weak and they keep it to their advantage. Looking back there are many instances where I should have just said something meaner. At least, that would have set them straight.

Well, obviously the list won’t end here; there are many more things, including apology! I usually say sorry even if it’s not my mistake. But there are many instances, where I did not apologize even when I knew that it was my mistake. It was to either avoid humiliation and embarrassment or to pretend that I was never part of the scenario. It has ruined not only many relationships but also left many of us, hurt. I did not know any better, then. But growing up has taught me a lot of things, including the importance of apologies before it’s too late. So, if I had one chance to apologize to all of them, I would do it, without a second thought.

Well, the sad truth is you never get to rewrite the history (even though the Weekly Writing Challenge has given me an opportunity!). You get a second chance, but you never get to correct the first one. Sometimes, you just have to live with the consequences, whether good or bad. But I do hope, that one day, I get second chance to correct my mistakes because well, we all do mistakes don’t we? (Although I would appreciate it if I don’t get into any arguments).
In response to Weekly Writing Challenge Hindsight is 20-20

Dream Destination!

So my friends came back from a trip to mountains, here in India, and looking at the pictures they’ve uploaded, it looks like a fun trip. Well, they asked me to join them but sadly I couldn’t. Well, there are two reasons for that. First, I’m going on a trip with my family in a week for ten days away from the usual stress and I’m pretty sure if I went on this trip, it will kill the mood for the next one. The second and probably the major reason is because I hate mountains. I’ve always hated it. I get sick, and usually, I end up sleeping during the entire trip and I never get to enjoy anything. I avoid mountains as much as possible.

The places I usually look forward to visiting are those which either give me peace and tranquillity or have a history behind it. I love exploring a place with a fair amount of history or at least a story behind its major landmarks. I haven’t visited a place outside India yet, because there are a lot of places left in India itself that I haven’t seen. But whenever I go to any place, I make sure, I know a little bit of its history because without that history is what makes a place special or at least that’s why most of the tourists visit these places.

Beaches top my list of favorite places. You can just look at those beautiful sea waves forever and still not get bored. Every time we visit a beach, we make sure that we’re able to see the sunset and sunrise because it makes everything so beautiful. Beaches are where you can sit back and relax and for some time, forget about all that is happening around the world. Just living every moment and breathing in the fresh air makes you forget about your, well, real life.

Places with a local history come next in my list. History has always caught my attention. Even though I never liked studying history, I loved reading history. Whenever I go on a trip, I usually look for some interesting facts on the internet, because it makes the trip even more delightful. Every place a story and when you start digging for the roots, it gives you wonderful memories.

Also, I visit places to try out the local cuisines. I am a foodie and I love trying out new food, most of the times. When I visit a place, I usually try out for the local cuisine in that place. But sometimes, it is difficult because I’m a vegetarian and there are lots of places where they don’t have local vegetarian cuisines.

Everyone has a dream destination. Mine would be Italy. It not only has some beautiful tourist attractions but also a lot of wonderful historical landmarks. Moreover, Italy is the capital of tasty food, or so I have heard. I can’t wait to explore Italy and I hope it happens soon.

Anyways, I’m going on a vacation soon to Pondicherry which is supposed to be a really beautiful city. Well, all I can hope for is a lovely time with my family and some wonderful memories!


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