It Gets Better!

In less than a month, 2014 is going to end and 2015 will start. Every year, I wish that the next year be better than this year. But somehow, I don’t think 2015 can be in anyway better 2014. This was a year where I experienced all kinds of low points, high points, and surprisingly some medium points.

“It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” — Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

Everything that happened to me in 2014 is aptly described by this very line. When 2014 started, I knew, everything will be new; but I never knew everything will be changed forever.

Let’s start with January 2014. Nothing big happened. All I remember from January 2014, is that I was just studying and studying for my life-changing exams to be held in March. Since it is a big deal here, I had to study really hard to be in a reputed college. But otherwise, nothing significant really happened.

February 2014. Well, it was my 18th birthday on 8th. So it was kind of a big deal. Even though I didn’t have big fancy celebrations because of my exams, I did invite some close friends to my house and we spent amazing time together. Suddenly, I was 18, an adult and it totally freaked me out. Another big event, my exams were to start in less than a month and I was, well, on the edge.

March 2014. The big event. Every country has some life-changing exams, scores of which will influence your entire future. Your parents freak you out putting so much pressure on you. In India, the day you enter your 9th grade, teachers and parents together gives you jitters about the “boards”, as they call it. And suddenly, I’m giving the “boards”.

April 2014. Nothing big happened, except I became a couch potato. Food, sleep, movies and TV shows constituted my daily routine.

May 2014. My results for the exams came out. It was lesser that what I expected. I knew my chances of getting into a good college were really low. But somehow, with everyone’s support and love, I got into India’s most prestigious universities. And I was happy about it.

June and July 2014. Admissions time. They were the craziest two month of my life till now. I don’t even know how they flew by. On July 21st, I started with my college. After a crappy week, I found my friends. And they were perfect.

After that, everything that happened to me was amazing. College life changed me. It gave me a new perspective towards life. I started blogging, I started opening up, I became independent. I felt like an adult for the first time in my life.

Life is crazy. Every New Year’s eve, we ask for something better the next year. But you know what? That’s the plan. If you look back at all these years, every year was better than the last one. If you think this isn’t true, then you’re mistaken. Maybe you’re just in denial. Life never stops giving you better things. But to appreciate those better things, it makes you go through bad things.

This was the year when I became an adult, cracked the exams, scored less, still got into a good college, met new friends, became independent, started blogging, and more importantly took my first steps towards my big dream. It has been a roller coaster ride. But trust me, it gets better.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “An Extreme Tale.”


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