A Note Of Appreciation

Have you ever praised somebody else, from the core of your heart, meaning every word of it? Obviously, many of us do it most of the times. Whether, it is your family member or your friend or just some acquaintances, we all say good things about others, (and sometimes bad things!) it’s a part of the human behaviour. But when was the last time you praised somebody because you felt strongly and wanted the other person to know about it?

I’ve seen a lot of people who say good things to people, just for the sake of it. They never really mean it. Often, it goes unnoticed. But when you start noticing these things, it feels bad. You start questioning yourself. You question everything you ever did, everything anybody ever said and you end up being sad.

Appreciating others is important. If you don’t appreciate others, you never get out of the fantasy of you being the best. You might be really good at something, but it is important to understand, that there are millions out there who are better than you. And what is even more important is to accept it and appreciate it. And when you appreciate them, make sure you let them know. Telling others that how much you appreciate them not only makes them happy, but also, makes you feel content.

“Appreciating others is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”

– Voltaire

Appreciating and telling them is one thing, but not appreciating and then telling lies is another. If you don’t like someone’s dress, then don’t tell them you like the dress. If you don’t want to say the truth, at least don’t tell a lie. It never works. It may seem to make them happy, but in the long run, it doesn’t do any good. Once in my school days, when I wrote an article for my school magazine, many people appreciated it. I was happy that I’m finally doing something right. But when I submitted it to my teacher, she rejected it. It made me sad; not because I was rejected, but because people told me a lie. I questioned all those moments when they have appreciated me before . Even though I’m past that phase, I still have second thoughts on asking others for an opinion. You stop believing in others.

In your life, you meet a lot of people, you like some of them, you don’t like the others. You appreciate some, you don’t appreciate others, and sometimes you just lie to make them happy. But in the course of life, we often forget to appreciate ourselves. There will be always someone out there who will criticize you no matter what you do. They will always see you in a critical way. In those times, only one person can help you through it; you. Unless you appreciate what you have, or what you do, no one else will notice you.

We often crave for things that we don’t have. Every human being, be it the happiest man on Earth or even the richest man, he still wants something more. We forget to appreciate what we own and what we have and just often spend our lives appreciating others and wanting to be like them. Everyone is unique and if we don’t appreciate ourselves, then the world will never recognize you or your talent. The day you start appreciating yourself, everyone will not only love you for what you are but also, they start appreciating you.
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