The Pursuit Of Happiness

Often in our lives, we reach a point where we find it easy to give up. We reach a point where everything seems to be against us. Most of us just give up. But there are many of us who find the little courage left in them and rise above all difficulties and start living life again. They are the true winners. Giving up is easy, all you have to do is stop trying. But what’s the fun in that? The real fun is when you rise above the storm and find the sunshine. Life never stops, it just goes on.

Good things happen to everybody. But the important thing is never to take the goodness in life for granted. Humans take happiness for granted. They don’t work towards it. Only a person who has experienced sadness and despair can value happiness in its true sense. Happiness is a beautiful thing; it needs to be valued. When life gives you a reason to be sad, don’t forget that it is just the beginning. You will smile one day, no matter how sad you are because life goes on.

I recently watched The Pursuit of Happyness (If you haven’t watched it yet, I suggest all of you to watch it). It shows how happiness needs to be earned. People just take happiness for granted. Often, we have a plan for our life. We want every detail of our life perfect. For us, perfect life means happiness. All our life, we chase happiness, only to realize it can never be attained. But if you leave life on its own course, you will realize, happiness was always with us.

When we look at others, we often see harmony and happiness. We wonder what went wrong with us. Why can’t we be happy? We depend on life for the answer. When I look at my happiest moments till now, there is one thing common in them; me. All of those happy moments were because of me; I created them. Life had no role to play. The moment we decide to be happy, life stops meddling. Happiness cannot be found in others or other things. It can be found only in you.

The beautiful thing about happiness is that it can be experienced only in the present moment. Dwelling in the past and regretting the past mistakes doesn’t give you happiness. Similarly, anxieties and expectations from the future can make you restless and desperate. Happiness is achieved only when you start spending your time on the present moments. We often forget how beautiful our life is because we still dwell in the past. And it can be dangerous.

Happiest people on this planet are not great or do not have the greatest things. They are those who find happiness in the smallest things. When you start looking at small moments of your life, you’ll realize how happy you are, how lucky you are. Most of the times, the things you least expect gives you most happiness.

Stop looking for happiness… just be happy!


4 thoughts on “The Pursuit Of Happiness”

  1. “Only a person who has experienced sadness and despair can value happiness in its true sense.” This is so true. Happiness is a conscious choice. Thank you for such a wonderful post! Feeling happy… 🙂


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