Imperfect Perfections!

“Perfection consists now in doing extraordinary things, but in doing things extraordinarily well.”

For some time, I’ve believed that perfection is overrated. Everybody chases perfection, when in reality; perfection is something which should come to you. There are people who want every moment of their lives dramatic and perfect. I have met so many people who either want to be perfect or want their near and dear ones to be perfect. I mean, look at this; we want a perfect man, we want a perfect wedding, we want a perfect job, we want a perfect life and whatnot. For me, perfection means nothing.

There are some people who design their entire life, from every moment to every big decision they are going to take, so that life is perfect. And when anything goes wrong, they blame luck or destiny. Honestly, perfect life is a myth. No one can achieve a perfect life, no matter how hard they work, how sincere they are, life can never be the exact way you wish it to be. And that’s the beauty of life; it is the best when it is imperfect.

Life is all about living those beautiful imperfect moments, because these imperfect moments in life define who you are. If your life would have been perfect, then you would stop appreciating it and its simple moments. Life is full of chaos. The real fun is when you find order in this chaos and when you find perfections in your imperfect life; that’s when you start loving life. Life is messy; it has chaos, nothing is perfect in it. You have problems and obstacles at every point of your life. But if you know how to overcome these imperfections, life eventually seems perfect.

Life need not to be perfect to be wonderful. Every imperfect moment in your life gives you a reason to move forward. Life would be boring without some surprises here and there. Don’t expect life to be perfect, because there is a good chance that you end up frustrated and disappointed. Instead, if you let life go on your own way, you will get surprises in the way and you never know, but you might end up satisfied and content.

Stop working on every detail of your life; just live your life. Eventually, everything happens for a reason and no matter what you do, you can change nothing. So just smile and live.


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