Happily Ever After

“… and they lived happily ever after.”

And the story ends. We grew up with these beautiful princesses who finds their prince charming goes on an adventure, brings peace to the world and they get married and they live happily ever after. For fairy tales, this is the end and everything is back to normal. But for real life, this is not even close to the ending. This maybe just one of the many adventures that we’re about to embark upon and one of the many endings which may not be necessarily happy. Sadly, this is a harsh truth many of us haven’t come to terms with.

When we were small, we were told these stories to keep the positivity and the innocence alive in us. These stories make children want to grow up and find their own adventure and maybe, their prince charming. But as soon as they grow up, they realize that their innocence got lost, somewhere and once it’s lost, it’s gone forever. They face the harsh reality that maybe, happy endings never really happen. They are just myths.  Well, to be honest, it is not entirely the truth. I’ve always believed and will always believe in happy endings.

Happy endings are the reason we live on this planet. If we ever stop believing in them, how can we get up every day, live our life and manage to get back to our beds feeling hopeful for the next day. For me, happy endings represent the hope that an adventure is waiting for me out there and I’m yet to get there because after that adventure of mine, my life will be complete. Because that’s exactly what the fairy tales taught us. Why not just cling to them? Happy endings also represent the tiny portion of innocence left inside us even when we grew up. Because without this innocence, we might end up being a monster.

And suppose what if, happy endings did not exist?

Life is like a book. There are numerous reasons why I usually like a book and honestly, happy endings are not a reason. I do not happy endings to fall in love with a book. As long as it has a good story, some strong message, some beautiful quotes to remember, I can like the book and it may even come into my list of favourite books. Life is exactly like that. You don’t need a happy ending to make your life great.

“Maybe it’s not about happy endings, maybe it’s about the story.”

And sometimes happy endings appear in a way totally different from what you expected. That is the beauty of life. It never stops giving you surprises, shocks and mishaps because only then you start living life and make your story the greatest one ever told.

But I really hope that, not a single person out there loses their innocence ever and they get their happy endings but only after their beautiful story.


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