History Rewritten

I hate arguments, not only because it sets me in a really bad mood, but also because I suck at comebacks. Whenever I have an argument with somebody and the other person comes up with some really irritating (but surprisingly sassy) comment, I’m left with nothing but speechless face. The worst part is that I come up with a sassy comment hours later after the argument and it just keeps you in a rotten mood for days together. So, I usually try not to argue with somebody and just leave the topic as it is.

Honestly, it’s not just the comebacks that I suck at. It’s almost every decision I take. Sometimes, when I look back, there are a million times when I just think, “What if I took the other one?” This happens mostly when I’m shopping. Sometimes, I love all the shirts and I can buy only one, then I have to take a decision, a really tough decision. Later, when I wear it, it’s always the same reaction, “I should have taken the other one.” Taking the right decision comes rarely to me in such situations. Even though I take a good decision in bigger problems, it’s sometimes the smaller ones which affect you the most.

In addition to comebacks and decisions, there is something else that I’d love to change. It’s my inability to react to rude remarks, not just about me but about my friends as well! The amount of mean people are just growing day by day everywhere. And it’s not just the grown-ups, but children as well. When I was younger, I respected everyone, even my juniors. Nowadays, kids have stopped respecting their seniors, let alone their juniors. When somebody makes a mean comment, I just don’t react. Sometimes, it’s good. But other times, well, they just assume that I’m weak and they keep it to their advantage. Looking back there are many instances where I should have just said something meaner. At least, that would have set them straight.

Well, obviously the list won’t end here; there are many more things, including apology! I usually say sorry even if it’s not my mistake. But there are many instances, where I did not apologize even when I knew that it was my mistake. It was to either avoid humiliation and embarrassment or to pretend that I was never part of the scenario. It has ruined not only many relationships but also left many of us, hurt. I did not know any better, then. But growing up has taught me a lot of things, including the importance of apologies before it’s too late. So, if I had one chance to apologize to all of them, I would do it, without a second thought.

Well, the sad truth is you never get to rewrite the history (even though the Weekly Writing Challenge has given me an opportunity!). You get a second chance, but you never get to correct the first one. Sometimes, you just have to live with the consequences, whether good or bad. But I do hope, that one day, I get second chance to correct my mistakes because well, we all do mistakes don’t we? (Although I would appreciate it if I don’t get into any arguments).
In response to Weekly Writing Challenge Hindsight is 20-20


3 thoughts on “History Rewritten”

  1. All of us make mistakes. That’s way forgiveness is important. You’re right about having to live with the consequences of the things we’ve done. But mistakes are part of a learning experience. Those people who love us will forgive us. It’s our responsibility to work on our relationships, but refraining from beating ourselves up.

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    1. You are right! Most certainly, right. But sometimes, when you make a mistake, it fills you up with guilt. That’s when you long for second chances 🙂
      Thank you for taking out time to comment. I appreciate it 🙂


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