Book Review Day

“The book to read is not the one that thinks for you, but the one that makes you think.”
– Harper Lee

I love reading. Books are a man’s best friend and I couldn’t agree more. Books let you escape the harsh reality into a world so beautiful, so happy that you never want to return. I’m an avid reader, a bibliophile and well, an amateur book critic. I love writing reviews and summaries, and rating a book. I love reading other reviews and getting to know other readers. And that’s why I wanted this event, badly!

Book Review Day is an event created solely to review books, and NOT hate on them. Every book is special, and everyone is entitled to an opinion. This event gives you a platform to pour your hearts out on your blog about a book that moved you, touched you or as Harper Lee says, made you think. If you are one of those people who review books and want the world to know about it, this is the event for you.

There are no rules, because rules are boring. But I’d love it if you follow these guidelines while participating here:

  • Make sure you tag your post as ‘Book Review Day’ so that others can find your posts on the feeder.
  • Make sure you put ping back on your blog post to my monthly post. (Dunno how a ping back works? No problem! Just type <a href=”>Book Review Day</a> in your blog post. It will generate a ping back!)
  • This is not compulsory, but it would be great if you “like” or “comment” on other posts. It is always great to appreciate others. (It makes their day!)

Deadline of the event is 20th of every month. I will post all the reviews I got on 21st. Till then read my first review on Weird And Wonderful, First Book Review!


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