So, What’s YOUR tagline?

Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

When I ask my friends this question, they always suggest something like “Nerd Alert” or “The Girl With Too Many Dreams” or “The One who Reads” and again, “The Dreamer, who just dreams”. Well, obviously, I enjoy these remarks, because I know, I’m a nerd, an avid reader and a dreamer. My blog has a tagline, “The Story Of a Dreamer” because it is my story and I’m definitely a dreamer. But, if in real life, I had a tagline, it wouldn’t be anything close to describing the dreamer or the reader in me.

The less you tell the world, the more people wonder. If taglines did really exist for a person, I am sure, I wouldn’t divulge much about myself through that tagline. I would be wary of the fact that people nowadays misuse the information given to them. And moreover, who doesn’t love some mystery. If I reveal much about me in that tagline, nobody will bother to talk to me, because they know what they have to know and eventually, they are happy with that. And if I don’t reveal more than what is required, I’m sure, people out of curiosity, will want to talk to me.

But, have you noticed? Taglines exist very much in this world. Not visibly, of course, but through words. When I started college, the first thing I noticed, is that people make mental picture of others, judging them of appearances. If you like that mental picture, you talk to them, become friends, exchange ideas giving birth to a new friendship. But if you don’t like the picture, well then, you don’t even bother to talk to them, let alone exchange ideas. An unsaid hatred grows inside your mind. Sadly, I was a part of the crowd too.

Initially, I had difficulties coping with the change and being an introvert, I did not indulge in small talks with others. Unconsciously, I created a mental picture of everybody and I started talking to those who appeared to be good. Later on, I realized that they were not the type of people I wanted to hang out with and days of loneliness followed. Eventually, I gave up that picture I created and decided to be open about everyone and thank god for that. Because I wouldn’t have met my friends if I had stuck with that picture.

Taglines, of a person, can be dangerous, if it existed. It can create a bad picture, or result in wrong judgement. The entire concept of talking and exchanging ideas would cease to exist and according to me,, talking and listening are the best form of communication created.

I wonder, what WOULD be my tagline?

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I Walk The Line

Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life?

When I talk to people who are well-settled in their lives or are at some important positions, the one thing I get from them is that they have a specific set of rules by which they live. They have laid down a certain principles on which their lives will be based and that’s how they are in that position in their lives. But, when I observe the lives of some important people which the world loves, they never had rules. They only had one motto: to do what they love. And, I can’t blame them; that is the best advice I will ever get from anybody.

If I have any code in my life, it’s very simple; listen to your voice.

As I live through every day among millions of new faces, I realize, everybody is trying to win. They will do anything and everything to win their race, no matter how unethical it might be. So, when people try to give you advice, they might have a good heart, but they may not always be wanting you to do better. The sad part is, nobody is at fault here. This is a competitive world and sadly, everyone needs to prove that they are worth the competition. The only solution I see sometimes, is listening to ourselves.

In this world, there is no better judge of us than ourselves. Only, we know what is best for us, and even when we make mistakes, we blame ourselves and eventually learn from them. When people become too much dependent on others for judgement, they never get to learn.

When I have a problem, I try to ask these questions to myself about various solutions: what can I do? will I be able to do? If my answer is positive, I talk to my parents and close friends and if they agree with me, I proceed with the solution. Even though it sounds simple, experience tells me that it is the most difficult task ever. But the good part is, we learn a lot and we are always happy and satisfied.

“Instinct is a marvelous thing. It can neither be explained nor ignored.”
― Agatha Christie

I’ve always believed in instincts. But instincts are always better you work it out with introspection. When we have an instinct, we need to make sure that every sign in this universe point towards that instinct. I always try to do this, so that I don’t end up wrong and then blaming myself for everything.

Routines and principles are great. And I’ll never say, give up those rules. But if you don’t have spontaneity in life, you merely exist in this world without making a mark, without leaving a proof about your existence.

Daily Prompt : I Walk the Line

Getting Motivated

For some days now, I’ve been feeling quite demotivated. Anything, I do, I was feeling underappreciated. I had the will to do nothing, not even write or read or, even carry on with the daily routine.

Until today, when I found this on Quora:


Obviously, I don’t need to explain, but I knew there was a sudden burst of motivation inside of me which urged me to write, read and carry on with life, again, or I would end up in a bad situation, killing my creativity and inspiration forever.
It is so sad to find so many young people like me, getting demotivated day by day, because they lose interest in life activities and done everything “boring”. Slowly, they get into this vicious cycle of laziness and procrastination and end up unsuccessful in their activities.

So, I made up my mind to write something and read, at least 20-30 pages, everyday.
When the sun comes out, I’d better be running.

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