No Thank You!

If there is one question which I will always refuse to answer is “Why don’t you drink alcohol and party all night?”

First of all, I don’t think wasting your time in parties, where you don’t know half of the population, is considered “cool” or “trendy” anywhere. I mean, I would rather spend time with my friends and read books and watch movies and TV shows than pretend having fun with people I’m uncomfortable with. I’m not saying that I’m anti-social. I love socializing. I love meeting new people, exchanging ideas, discovering new things about different people, but drinking alcohol and partying gives you no time for socializing, only headaches and hangover for the next day.

When I look around, I see young adults, either drinking, or immersed into their phones and tablets, without any love for life. They merely exist. I am often laughed at, just because I’m not interested in drinking and partying. When I say, I don’t drink; rarely anyone smiles or give me an assurance that is it okay to not drink. Most of the responses are scary and discouraging, questioning my principles and choices. Often, I sit down and wonder, “Am I doing it, right?”

No matter how much I try not to criticize other’s life choices, a time comes when I have to comment upon those who have choices different from mine. I often forget that, according to them, they are making the right choices. They know what they are doing, and in the end, they are accountable for their own choices.

People are often puzzled by my interests, and I know their judgemental side doesn’t approve any of my interests. I love reading, and in my free time, you will see me with a book, rather than engrossed in my phone or listening to music. Even though, I love music, I’d prefer books over music any time. Books take me to a place away from my own reality, and I love it. The only time you will see me immersed in my phone will be when I want some information. I love exploring new things, virtually. I use my phone to find out about places, traditions, cultures, people and books. That is one of my favourite things to do. Learn new things. Bookish knowledge alone can never get you anywhere. You need to know about other countries, people and cultures to understand this world.

There are not many people who understand this. People often think that their choices are the right ones, and all others are wrong. I admit, I’m one of them too. But I am happy with my choices and interests.

Therefore if any anybody asks me, why I don’t drink, I just smile.

Daily Prompt : Plead the Fifth


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