What Makes A Teacher Great?

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but doesn’t tell you what to see.”

When I was in school, my friends and I used to criticize our teachers a lot. I’m pretty sure that it’s not just me who does this; we all do it at one point of our lives. There were mornings when I just wished that my teachers would suddenly disappear into thin air and then school will be a better place. When I was criticizing my teachers, I was not realizing that my teachers are shaping me into somebody better, more capable and more intelligent than I already was. And the day, my school days ended and my college started, I missed one thing the most; teachers.

Teachers are there when we need them the most; and I’m not saying this because it sounds good. It is the truth. If you had any doubt in any subject, first they’ll scold you for not listening and then, they will repeat everything again, for our sake. And the next time they teach you, you listen to them with attention, because you don’t want to be scolded. You need guidance, you walk up to them, and they are sitting there with all their knowledge and experience to guide you through every difficulty, whether it is some bully disturbing you or your confusion about which career to choose. They know you and will tell you the best. They give you opportunities and they give you support.

“The mediocre teacher tells,
the good teacher explains,
the superior teacher demonstrates
and the best teacher inspires.”
– William Arthur Ward

So what makes a teacher great?
Is it education? No, all teachers are educated. They know what they are teaching. But that doesn’t make them great. Is it experience? Maybe, but not necessarily. Then what?
It’s love, support and motivation that makes a teacher great, if not the best.
If a teacher can love, he/she can understand a child and then teach them. Of course, all teachers are loving. But, some teachers are extraordinary. When you talk to them, you know they love you and they want you to grow more than anyone and anybody, including them. Similarly, if a teacher doesn’t support you, then all that is left of you is dejection and disappointment. A great teacher know when and how you need to be supported. And hence they keep you motivated. When a teacher stops motivating a student, his/her job as a teacher is over. All big personalities with success and happiness always share one thing in common – a motivating teacher who loved them and supported them above everything.


A great teacher influences you all through your life. When taking decisions, important or petty, you remember his/her words. Today, whatever might be the problem, I tend to think about what my teacher will be doing or saying in my place. All the decisions I take, are in some way, influenced by their words.

I’m a lucky girl who had some amazing teachers; and they never stop loving and supporting and more importantly, motivating me to move forward in my life.

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