Getting Motivated

For some days now, I’ve been feeling quite demotivated. Anything, I do, I was feeling underappreciated. I had the will to do nothing, not even write or read or, even carry on with the daily routine.

Until today, when I found this on Quora:


Obviously, I don’t need to explain, but I knew there was a sudden burst of motivation inside of me which urged me to write, read and carry on with life, again, or I would end up in a bad situation, killing my creativity and inspiration forever.
It is so sad to find so many young people like me, getting demotivated day by day, because they lose interest in life activities and done everything “boring”. Slowly, they get into this vicious cycle of laziness and procrastination and end up unsuccessful in their activities.

So, I made up my mind to write something and read, at least 20-30 pages, everyday.
When the sun comes out, I’d better be running.

Go on to Silver Threading’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday for more inspiration!

Posted by Nivedita


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