Why Do You Blog?

It’s been six months since I’ve been blogging and the mere fact that there are probably hundreds (219, to be precise!) out who have subscribed to listen to what I want to say, baffles me. I’ve been writing about things that I see and how it affects me, and it makes me feel both humbled and excited to be writing them on this blog. Over the past six months, despite my failed attempts to keep this blog anonymous, I’ve been asked one single question by many of friends who came to know about this blog, which is “Why do you blog?”

Good question! Some people answer the question almost immediately, saying, “Of course, it increases your vocabulary and grammar”, or “It makes you fluent in English (you see, my native language is not English!)”, or even, “Because you’re so outgoing and loves to socialize with people.” They make every guess possible, and not once did I correct them. I just listened to them and smiled. I’ve waited for this long and I think it’s time I answer the question.

I blog, not because I love socializing or I’m outgoing or I want to improve my grammar and vocabulary, but because of the exact opposite reasons. I blog because I want to tell everybody that I can write in English, that my grammatical sense in perfectly sound and, most importantly, because I am an introvert. I cannot join in small talk and unimportant gossips, even with people I know. The thought, itself is scary and what is even more scarier is the fact that I would rather express myself through writing than talking, even if it means to write down my feelings to some strangers across the world. The fact that these strangers are like friends to me, soothes my mind.
According to research, introverts would rather talk to thousands or even millions through online presence than have a face to face talk with a few people. Though not millions, but blogging makes me feel free and refreshed.


But as I’ve noticed, I’m not really an introvert who doesn’t socialize. I love socializing and talking, but to some extent, after which, all I want is to reach home, change into my comfortable clothes and read a book. Even though, I love talking, I would rather travel to my college alone, reading a book than with somebody who will make me talk through the entire journey. (Exception: I would put my book down, for my friends because talking to them doesn’t make me feel exhausted).

Blogging for six months has made me realize that there are millions out there who wants to read what you write and that in a world that never stops talking, an introvert like me, will find a voice only if I express myself in a comfortable way. When I pick up a book and start reading and when I open my computer to start writing, I feel the same happiness, the same refreshing emotions and hear the same voice which is screaming to be heard.


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