Have you ever looked at some relationships and wondered whether they’d ever last? Be it your best friend, or your friend, or just some friends you hang out with, do you just look at them and think, what if we drift apart? More importantly, is it wrong to be wanting to drift apart?

I’ve often met people who complain about their partners, or their “best friends” relating to heir some annoying habits or their behavior in general. They talk about it day and night, which often leads me to wonder why be together if you cannot tolerate each other? Why even bother to act if you don’t want to bear each other’s whims and habits?

People often tell me that life is not easy, it’s not often you find a perfect situation and to make the best use of every situation. Maybe that is true, but that does not mean you have to continue doing things that doesn’t please you, just because a situation offers you that. Life will never put in a condition where you’re not given choices on how to act. Why choose an option which pleases you the least and forego the option that gives you much contentment than others?

Similarly, you don’t have to stay with people who doesn’t care for you and your ideas, just because they seem familiar. Step out of their shadow and live YOUR life, not theirs. Meeting new people and interacting with them can be scary, especially for somebody who has never even thought about stepping out of their comfort zone. But, life often puts you in situations where you have to break that barrier and start interacting. You may learn something new from it and even make a new friend. But, if you don’t want to do it, do not pressurize yourself to do it. Instead, find a way to get through the situation with minimum interaction, yet with contentment of having faced it.

People differ, situations differ and the way somebody face the situations differ. Just because I find talking and interacting easier doesn’t mean, you have to do the same. Therefore stop treating yourself as a failure just because you don’t follow the crowd. Uniqueness is what defines a human being, be proud of that.

Therefore next time, somebody tells you to do make the best out of situation by not being who you are, stop them right there and do it the way you want to do. You’ll be happy. Isn’t that what is more important?

In response to the daily prompt Doubters Alert.


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