Quit Pretending.

Quitting something, especially something which you’ve been doing for quite some time, can be hard. You never know how to begin the process of quitting, what to expect after that and when to do it! Should I do it slowly and gradually, or trying doing it in a day, and continue for the rest of our lives? Would I be after the quitting or will I regret the decision? Should I do it now, or when things start getting out of hand? We are surrounded by so many decisions, regarding one simple thing – quitting. Shouldn’t it be done easily?

No. No one in this world thinks quitting is easy. Quitting a habit, which you’ve been familiar with, for most of your lives, is considered difficult. It’s supposed to be this big commitment, and human beings are known for their fear for commitments. So, it gets harder and harder, and then eventually, the goal of quitting vanishes and we are back into our normal lives.
But you know what is worse, losing the goal. It just sticks with you throughout your life, and then before you know quitting is harder than ever. And that is exactly when you think, “I should have quit, when I had the chance.”

So, why am I talking so much about quitting, and life after quitting? What did I quit? Smoking? No, because I don’t smoke. Drinking? Nope, I don’t drink either. Then, what?

I QUIT PRETENDING. I quit pretending to be someone I am not. It may sound a bit too much for someone so young, but it’s true. But when I did it, I felt free. And it was worth everything.

When my college started and I had to “face the world”, I knew I had to put up a face which will make everyone happy and win me some friends. I went on with the face for quite some time before I realized something very important.

  1. I’m not happy.
  2. I’m not winning any friends.

So what’s the point in continuing?

And that’s when I decided I have to quit pretending. Having friends is important, but what is more important is remaining true to yourself. If you show what you are, people will stick around for what you are, not for what you pretend.

Was quitting easy? The answer, my dear friends, is yes. It was easy. When you have a plan, when you make a decision and intend to stick with it, it comes easily. And next thing you know, you are doing it. You are quitting. And you are happy!

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