Elicit Life

Lately, the world has tumbled into chaos. Negativity is all around, and sometimes you forget that there is love in this world. There is happiness in every corner waiting to be spread. There is love, and compassion, and affection hidden beneath the worst of us. We just need to bring them out. We must let the love inside us to elicit happiness.

Laugh. Smile. Cry. Emotions are important. Emotional people are the best people – they don’t know how to express themselves any better, but they are pure. They do things which evoke feelings inside everyone around them. Unlike cold, indifferent ones, who try to put away their emotions. Be so emotional that you elicit emotions from them.


Paint. Dance. Write. Be artistic. Paint even if you draw a lion which looks like a cat, or sing even if you sound uproarious. Art is the reason why many of us is even alive. We feel alive just enjoying someone else’s art – painting, music, or dance. Imagine the ecstasy when you do those yourself. You feel high, you feel live. Elicit art from even the dreariest.

Hug. Kiss. Hold. Love. Enjoy the virtues of endearment and intimacy. Enjoy the love that others give you. Give others some love when they need it the most (and even if they don’t need it!). Love is a phenomenon which defies all logic and can do wonders in life. There is nothing more important that doing something which you and everyone around feel loved.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
– Maya Angelou

So, do things which will elicit love, and ecstasy, and emotions. Make the world a better place.

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