Fade A Little

I fade a little.

I try to be strong,
I try to be happy,
but everyday, you remind me,
what I could not be.

I am not brainy,
I am not important.
I am not “like the other girls”,
Everyday,  when you remind me,
I am not worthy of some glee,
I realize I fade a little.

But, everyday you forget,
what I am and what I will be.
I am passionate,
I am exceptional,
and darling, I am
every girl and yet,
like no one else.
And every day, when you forget,
I fade a little.

But, dearest, every time,
you dissolved me in your ignorance,
I found my colour.
Every time, I dwindled,
because of your words,
I found my fading fervour,
growing, strong and intense.

And soon,
I realized, I need
neither your observation,
neither your validation,
because, dear,
I am the fire.
I am the fire that burns.

– Nivedita
(For Daily Prompt)



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