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Welcome to Weird and Wonderful : The Story Of A Dreamer and I’m Nivedita, the dreamer in question.

As a young adult living in India, there is a bucket load of new things introduced in my life. From being an adult – it’s so scary – to interacting with new people, from being independent to finally realizing about the importance of responsibilities, everything seems scary!

But what’s life without a bit fun? When I go out there, face the world and look around myself, I observe so many new things. Every day, I learn something new. Everyday, I observe something different about this world. And this is why I created this blog.

Why not a diary? Good question! Because, diary becomes personal, it gets reduced into ramblings which are waiting to be shared with the world. And a diary won’t introduce me to new people. A diary is about that same old me. No change. (Though, I must say, I’m pretty cool!).

Jokes apart, I want this blog to be my partner when I learn new things and I want people to get inspired and motivated when they see that world isn’t all that bad. They have a lot of other people to meet and a lot of new things to learn and an eighteen-year-old dreamer to listen to your stories..




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