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I was lying down on an uncomfortable bed,
while a lady doctor was examining my bruises,
someone was whispering in my ear,
“It’s all going to be okay”
but, I knew
the pain between my legs,
blood gushing out of my vagina,
were a proof that
nothing will be ever okay.

I was scared.
I knew I had to speak up
I knew I had to make sure
that no other girl is a victim
to non-consensual sex,
to violence and abuse, domestic or not,
to being denied the right to pleasure.
But, I was scared.
What will the society say?

They said,
it’s your fault.
Why did you have to wear that short skirt
which makes you look like a slut?
And I believed it.
I believed that my favourite skirt
which makes me feel
confident and poised,
is the reason a man came inside me,
without my consent.

They said,
a girl should be modestly dressed,
because she is an object of desire
and the way I am clothed
decides who gets to use my body.
So the way I see it,
it’s not me, it is a piece of cloth,
which has a greater control over my body.

It is always our fault.
It is our clothes and not our words
which matter to those who dominate us.
And while, every cell in my body
wants to protest and shout at the top of my lungs
against patriarchy,
against non-consensual sex,
against violence;
All I can do right now
is whisper,
“Me Too.”

The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man


Make A Wish

Make a wish.
Close your eyes, look into your soul.
And, make a wish.
Find you dreams, within yourself,
and make a wish.

Make a wish.
For your life depends on it.
Make it beautiful, make it yours.
For what you wish for,
echoes forever.

Make a wish.
Have a dream.
Get up, go out and give everything to it.
For through your dreams,
your charm, your wisdom, and your essence,
echoes forever.

– Nivedita
(Daily Prompt)

Pleasures, Imaginations and Anticipation

I am a dreamer. I dream about my life all the time; sometimes they are big dreams (I won’t reveal it here) and sometimes they are small (getting my own apartment), some are very important (settling into a very beautiful and stable life before getting married), while some are very silly (ordering food without looking at the price). Maybe, some day, I will talk about my very important dreams. But today, I want to talk about my silly dreams.

I found a word for it – vorfreude. It means joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures. There are some key words, if you notice – anticipation, imagining and pleasures. Let’s look at them one by one.

  • Pleasures – My dreams are made up of all the good things that should happen to me. Life gives you enough woes to worry about, but dreams are my happy place. When things are not going too well for me, I lie down, close my eyes and imagine the small and silly dreams I have for my future. I instantly feel happy and positive. This might sound over-fetched or impossible, but it works for me, every time.
  • Imagining – I believe that imaginations are a beautiful phenomenon. I feel bad for those who do not have a crazy imagination. The truth is, dreams are imaginations made to become a reality. I have these crazy imaginations of the life I want to lead, and my dreams are fashioned out these imaginations. I think the silliest yet the most colourful dreams are created out of our imaginations.
  • Anticipation – People often confuse anticipation with anxiety. They think anticipation is a negative thing. The truth is, anticipation is the reason we are alive. I have a strong belief that people are alive because they look forward to various events and moments in life, and they want to live them. Anticipation is, in fact, the most beautiful thing. It makes you wanna live, it makes you want to grow. Dreams are anticipation on a much larger scale. So, anticipate and anticipate.

I’ve written much on my dreams, and how dreams make who I am. I am a hopeless dreamer, and if you ate not convinced enough, here is solid evidence: my blog is called “Weird and Wonderful – Story of a Dreamer”.  

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In response to Anticipation.