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10 Things To Do Before I Turn Thirty!

Everybody makes a bucket list of all those things which they want to complete within a certain period of time. Well, even I have a list of things I want to complete by the time I turn thirty, which means I still have 12 years to complete them (I am 18, for those you who don’t know!). You never know how fast the time flies after you turn twenty. One day, you open your eyes and you’re thirty and still, you haven’t done anything worth mentioning in those thirty years of your life. So, I am making this list and sharing it with you, because when, after 12 years, I read this post, I should be proud of myself to have done all of this by the time I’m thirty.

1. To visit at least 50 countries from the six continents : I love travelling, I love trying out the local cuisines of different places and I love learning different languages too. So whenever I visit a new place, I mentally “check” it in my imaginary checklist.

2. To write my own book : To be frank, I consider thirty years to be a really tender age to write books. But then, there are whole lot of excellent writers who have written exceptional books, even before turning thirty. I don’t know on what topic my book will be based, yet, but hopefully I will figure it all out before I turn 30.

3. To inspire at least ONE person : There are so many people who inspire me everyday to pursue my dreams and live my life in the best possible way. Before I turn thirty, I want to inspire one person to lead a better life.

4. To learn at least FIVE new skills and activities : I always wanted to learn Scuba Diving. And I want to learn how to paint. And there are other things too. I definitely want to learn at least five new things before I’m thirty.

5. To set up my own house : I’m living with my parents, right now. And hopefully I will move out in a couple of years. But I won’t be ready to buy a house of my own till I’m financially stable. So before I turn thirty, I’m going to buy a house somewhere which will provide me a peaceful environment.

6. To do some volunteer work : Basically, help others. Do things that will benefit others. I need to do them at least before I turn thirty. People say it’s the easiest, but trust me, it is not at all easy help others when every single person around me is selfish.

7. To eat from one of the world’s best restaurants : This type of an opportunity doesn’t come knocking every other day. And, after you turn thirty, such impulsive acts doesn’t work out the way you plan. No matter how much it costs, I’m going to indulge in an once-in-a-lifetime-feast before I turn thirty.

8. To conquer my fear(s) : Living your entire life with those same fears isn’t something I want to be remembered about, after I die. So before I turn thirty, I want to conquer at least one of them.

9. To give shelter to a homeless pet : Again, helping other creatures. To be honest, I’m afraid of cats and dogs, and many other creatures. But before I turn thirty, I definitely want to change that and give home to homeless creature.

10. To host a cocktail party : Okay, maybe, it won’t be a big deal to host a cocktail party. But who doesn’t want to host classy cocktail party once in their lifetime? Yeah, everybody. And therefore I’m totally going for that.

11. To follow my dream : This one is a bonus. Because no matter what you achieve, what you do and what you become, if you haven’t followed your dream yet, then the life you are living isn’t worth a llfe.