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Never Sated

How often do you feel happy and all about your life satiated? How often do you sit peacefully and just take it all in and know I’m empty of any desire? Speaking for myself, I’m never in that state of mind. There is always something which is going on inside me that I want to change or improve about myself or of my surroundings. Being sated with what I have, isn’t a virtue I possess. But then again, isn’t being sated a bit overrated?

When I was little, I was bored of my little world of toys and dresses. I wanted to go outside into the world and be fabulous. I wanted to be like my older cousins who are so independent and confident. I decided that getting older was my ultimate goal and that when I grow up into a fabulous woman, when I become independent (whatever that means) my inner cravings would be sated.

Then, I came into high school. And things became complicated. I found out that if I had to become independent and fabulous, I had to have a job, which means I have to go to college and get a degree. So, my desires changed. Now, I just have to get a degree, how hard could it be? (Hahahaha.) Now, I wanted to just grow old, get a degree, find a job and be fabulous, and I will be satisfied.

When I finished high school, I was happy that I know what kind of major I’ll be and what kind of degree I will get. I knew my plan to get a degree and find a job is going very well, and that I’ll soon be everything I ever wanted to be. I felt like my desires were finally going to be quenched.
Except, life is not so easy. Nobody told me that the price to be independent and fabulous is my precious hours of sleep doing assignments and studying for exams. That, I had to manage the amount of money I spend of clothes and food very carefully – I mean, all these years, I had my parents to do it, why should it be any different now? So, the question is: Would my desires be ever sated? (They better be, because I’m putting in a lot of effort for this degree)

But, here’s what I love about me. I am not a quitter. I don’t lose hope (or, learn my lesson) that easily. My desire to be independent and fabulous maybe a bit unrealistic (any struggling adult will share the sentiment), but it definitely is not impossible. It might be a long way ahead, but it is there.

So, after my desire is satiated, does my wishes and aspirations stop? Not at all. Honestly, for me, new desires begin to crop up, even before my other desires are sated. So, being in a position where my mind is quenched is not a luxury I will enjoy anytime soon. But then, what is the point in being a sated human being? How do you hope for a beautiful life when you are sated? How do you try to improve yourself if you are sated?

As Ashley Judd says,

“I can’t think of anything I want and need that I don’t already have but at the same time, I’m not sated.”

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Looking back at your life a few years before teaches you the greatest lessons. Future is never in our hands, worrying about it and being anxious of its consequences is a waste. I’d rather look at my mistakes and achievements in the past and learn from them. Some of the greatest successes the world has ever seen stems from the most unfortunate mistakes and the most outstanding achievements. Thomas Edison who was considered a failure in every sense, by his teachers and acquaintances, became the greatest inventor of all times. His famous quote “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that do not work.” – Thomas Edison, describes it the best.

For me, transforming in to someone better than before is the only that matters. I am not perfect. I am not straight As student, or the most organized person in the world. But ten years before, if you had told me, I’d be studying one of the toughest subjects in university and still survived with decent grades, I’d have laughed at you. But, yet I am here. Safe and sound. I have made some big mistakes in my life, but that doesn’t mean I’m a bad person, or a stupid person without any capability. This is a truth none of us are able to grasp. It took me enough time to understand it. That our past doesn’t define us, is a truth which is seldom acknowledged and lesser still believed.


Transformation doesn’t always have to be a success, at first. It just means going ahead. Moving forward in life is difficult – you take strange paths and meet even stranger people, and if you do not fail, then you are not a part of the human race. Human are most definitely designed to fail, but to maintain balance, failure has to be followed by success. When you transform yourself, you experience a lot of things – anger, love, selfishness, self appreciation, etc. But none of these make you a bad person. Transformation is synonymous to growing – and growth can be both negative and positive. From looking at people and their stories, what I’ve come to understand is that you’re never a failure. In a past article, I’ve written about how success and happiness is related. If you are happy with your transformation eventually, it’s success.

Ten years ago, I was 10. Not much into life, just a happy, lively girl. Ten years on, I’ve transformed into a woman with dreams, a good life, heavy amount of stress, but with a visible path to the life ahead. Whatever happened in that transformation – good and bad – was worth the result. I’m happy, and that’s only what matters.

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Have you ever looked at some relationships and wondered whether they’d ever last? Be it your best friend, or your friend, or just some friends you hang out with, do you just look at them and think, what if we drift apart? More importantly, is it wrong to be wanting to drift apart?

I’ve often met people who complain about their partners, or their “best friends” relating to heir some annoying habits or their behavior in general. They talk about it day and night, which often leads me to wonder why be together if you cannot tolerate each other? Why even bother to act if you don’t want to bear each other’s whims and habits?

People often tell me that life is not easy, it’s not often you find a perfect situation and to make the best use of every situation. Maybe that is true, but that does not mean you have to continue doing things that doesn’t please you, just because a situation offers you that. Life will never put in a condition where you’re not given choices on how to act. Why choose an option which pleases you the least and forego the option that gives you much contentment than others?

Similarly, you don’t have to stay with people who doesn’t care for you and your ideas, just because they seem familiar. Step out of their shadow and live YOUR life, not theirs. Meeting new people and interacting with them can be scary, especially for somebody who has never even thought about stepping out of their comfort zone. But, life often puts you in situations where you have to break that barrier and start interacting. You may learn something new from it and even make a new friend. But, if you don’t want to do it, do not pressurize yourself to do it. Instead, find a way to get through the situation with minimum interaction, yet with contentment of having faced it.

People differ, situations differ and the way somebody face the situations differ. Just because I find talking and interacting easier doesn’t mean, you have to do the same. Therefore stop treating yourself as a failure just because you don’t follow the crowd. Uniqueness is what defines a human being, be proud of that.

Therefore next time, somebody tells you to do make the best out of situation by not being who you are, stop them right there and do it the way you want to do. You’ll be happy. Isn’t that what is more important?

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