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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you out there and I hope that 2015 is full of happiness and prosperity for you and your loved ones. After some amazing few days of vacation, I am back to write and inspire.

You know what I love about a new year? It gives you a chance to correct all your past mistakes and be a better person in the coming year. It gives you a sense of hope for the future and and lets you introspect on your past. Every year, we make resolutions about being a better person that what you were last year. Not all of us succeed in keeping up with all the resolutions, we follow some of them and ignore the others. Yet, one day, you realize how much you’ve changed over the years, little by little. You discover a new self, a different self. But, no matter what changes you experience in your life, you are always yourself.

Past is a dangerous thing. It fills you up with so much negativity that you start to question yourself and your values. We all make mistakes. It is an inevitable disease with neither a cure nor a prevention. But, there is a deadlier disease; repeating your mistake. It has no cure, once you repeat your mistake, you have to live with the consequences. But there is definitely a prevention; learning from a mistake. Every year, when you wish to be a better person, all you want is to learn from those mistakes and hope that you never make that mistake again. New Year gives you a very good opportunity to correct all our mistakes and learn from them. Another thing new year helps you with is carrying on the good deed of the past. We often ignore the good deeds we do. It is important to carry forward the goodness in you to the next year because it helps you in the process of improvement.

Similarly, future is not dangerous, but mysterious. We never know what is going to happen to us. All we can do is hope for a good new year, if not better. New Year is when you hope for second chances, new start-ups, a fresh start and sometimes, a replay of the past years. It is not safe to dwell in the future, worried, anxious or excited. All we need to do is hope, and then, live. Life is nothing without hope. When you start hoping for things, you set in motion, a series of events, which can change your life completely, in ways you can never imagine.

With time, we all change. We all hope for better. Ten years ago, you might be a really different person from what you are today and you never know what you will be like, ten years later. With time, we all become our own doppelgangers. Same person but different life, different personality and different dreams. But despite all these differences, there is one thing that never changes ; YOU!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Ice, Water, Steam.”


History Rewritten

I hate arguments, not only because it sets me in a really bad mood, but also because I suck at comebacks. Whenever I have an argument with somebody and the other person comes up with some really irritating (but surprisingly sassy) comment, I’m left with nothing but speechless face. The worst part is that I come up with a sassy comment hours later after the argument and it just keeps you in a rotten mood for days together. So, I usually try not to argue with somebody and just leave the topic as it is.

Honestly, it’s not just the comebacks that I suck at. It’s almost every decision I take. Sometimes, when I look back, there are a million times when I just think, “What if I took the other one?” This happens mostly when I’m shopping. Sometimes, I love all the shirts and I can buy only one, then I have to take a decision, a really tough decision. Later, when I wear it, it’s always the same reaction, “I should have taken the other one.” Taking the right decision comes rarely to me in such situations. Even though I take a good decision in bigger problems, it’s sometimes the smaller ones which affect you the most.

In addition to comebacks and decisions, there is something else that I’d love to change. It’s my inability to react to rude remarks, not just about me but about my friends as well! The amount of mean people are just growing day by day everywhere. And it’s not just the grown-ups, but children as well. When I was younger, I respected everyone, even my juniors. Nowadays, kids have stopped respecting their seniors, let alone their juniors. When somebody makes a mean comment, I just don’t react. Sometimes, it’s good. But other times, well, they just assume that I’m weak and they keep it to their advantage. Looking back there are many instances where I should have just said something meaner. At least, that would have set them straight.

Well, obviously the list won’t end here; there are many more things, including apology! I usually say sorry even if it’s not my mistake. But there are many instances, where I did not apologize even when I knew that it was my mistake. It was to either avoid humiliation and embarrassment or to pretend that I was never part of the scenario. It has ruined not only many relationships but also left many of us, hurt. I did not know any better, then. But growing up has taught me a lot of things, including the importance of apologies before it’s too late. So, if I had one chance to apologize to all of them, I would do it, without a second thought.

Well, the sad truth is you never get to rewrite the history (even though the Weekly Writing Challenge has given me an opportunity!). You get a second chance, but you never get to correct the first one. Sometimes, you just have to live with the consequences, whether good or bad. But I do hope, that one day, I get second chance to correct my mistakes because well, we all do mistakes don’t we? (Although I would appreciate it if I don’t get into any arguments).
In response to Weekly Writing Challenge Hindsight is 20-20

Remembering Our Past

Every individual has a story. No matter, how ordinary a life looks like, there is always an extraordinary story behind it. No life is born without a story and no life ends without creating a story. I’ve met so many people who may seem like any other ordinary person, but as you start talking to them and get to know more about them, you realize that the simplest of lives are based on an amazing story. Usually that story is in the family roots itself. No one realizes about their story until they actually start discovering it.

I have a story, too. I belong to an upper caste family hailing from God’s Own Country, Kerala (Note: If you haven’t visited Kerala yet, book your tickets now, because you don’t want to not visit that place ever!). Even though castes divisions are removed from our society long ago, there are still some sections of our society which follow caste divisions. From a really tender age itself, I’ve had an interest in knowing my family history. I maintained a book where I wrote about my ancestors and their relations.

I started with my maternal and paternal great grandparents who died even before I was born. My last great grandmother died the day I was born. So, I haven’t met any of them and I couldn’t really know about their family history in detail. But with the help of my paternal and maternal grandmothers, I tried to collect some information about my family. What they did, how many children they had, how was the family gatherings then, how they spent their free time(they didn’t have Smartphones then!) and since in earlier days, we had a joint family system with over 10-15 people living in one single house, I wanted to know about that too. My grandmother spent her childhood living in a big family mansion, so I was eager to know about their life then.

Every year I visit my grandparents I make sure that I talk to my grandparents about their childhood because learning about your own ancestors teaches you a lot. They had a different kind of life altogether. Knowing about these things sometimes makes me wonder, what if I was born in those days. How different my life would be? And what if my great-grandparents were given a chance to live with our generation?

Sometimes, I wonder, if given a chance now to travel back into those times and live a life according to those days, will I be successful in it? For some days, I may be really excited to travel around and explore and meet my ancestors but as times goes on, it will become difficult for me to survive without my Smartphone or my computer. Smartphones are dearer to us than family relations now. Technology has soared to new heights and new inventions are being made every day to make us more comfortable. But the entire concept of having a family gathering and talking and socializing has lost its essence. And even though I’m a part of that generation, I’m not really proud of it.

Things changed as soon as families started breaking and the big joint family has turned into small nuclear families. Whenever I go to meet my cousins, it fills me up with happiness because it fills the house with joy and happiness. Coming back to home, to my comfortable bed is at the cost of leaving cousins and their love.

Every story is important, as is remaining grounded to your roots. These roots brought you up. These family traditions and stories is the reason you are you. Anything you are or anything you will be will be partly because of your ancestors. It’s time we go back to the story which brought us up and remember our past.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Digging for Roots.”